Monday, December 31, 2012

Review of 2012

Today is new year's eve. How has 2012 been to you?
I guess every one has their own ups and downs in their life. The same could be said for me.

Highlights as below:-

Mom was hospitalised after a fall. Doctor diagnosed that she had low blood pressure but could not fully what is wrong with her as she refused endoscope. Currently, she is in a rehabilitation centre. I hope that she would recover soon and that it is nothing serious.

Major change for me is having to resume to workforce after nua-ing  being the yellow face wife housewife for 3 years. It really takes time adjusting.Gone were the days I could wake up any time I like and free to do whatever I want. Now every morning, I have to rush the little one to school before I go to work. My hubby is helping along by trying not to OT so that he could fetch the kid from school instead of me. I am doing ok now.

Exploring with Steaming 
I had experimenting steaming comfort food such as cakes, radish cake, chinese honeycomb cake, bread, chinese buns (Pao). People who know me would know I love to make everything from scratch. However, these takes lots of time. Ever since I start working, I have only steam once for my little girl. Attached a picture of her caught trying to snack on the bread I made.

Child's milestone
As a parent, what is more fulfilling than to see my kid grows up?
Her major milestone is being toilet trained. To read about our experience, read here and here.
Getting her to adapt me working time is another milestone (which I didn't blog about)
One of my proudest moment, her first haircut without any parents by her side.
Little one's English is also improving, thanks to her teachers in school. Both my hubby and I have been speaking to her in Chinese instead of English. Hence, her command of English is quite poor. Hence, we were quite surprised when she speaks to us in proper English sentences.

And now year 2012 is ending, any resolutions for the new year? Well, I have. Not listing now. If I can find some time tomorrow, I shall go blogging about it. Meanwhile, I still have 1 or 2 backdated post to do. hehhh... Lack of time.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

All We want for Christmas is... simple wish or is it really so?

Dear Santa,

I have been struggling whether I should pen this down. I am writing this to you not that I believe in you. My family and I have a wish. A very simple one. I wonder whether it could be fulfilled. Christmas is a joyful event. We hope not to spent in sadness. We simply hope my mother regains her health.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Journey to the cold places on Earth

Ever imagine how it is to live in extraordinary places such as the Arctic and Antartica? How does animals survive there?

1) To the Arctic
Sometime ago, we decided to go to the Singapore Science Centre OmniMax Theatre. We had decided to watch "To the Arctic" - a journey of a mother bear and her twin cubs in the Arctic. As most are aware, due to global warming, the sea ice is melting. In the movie, we learnt and watch how global warming is affecting the their lives, we learnt too, a mother's love for her little ones.

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