Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our 1st Trip to Univeral Studio Singapore

Hubby planned for this before his Reservist is due. We tried almost all the rides. 
Recommended Transformers : The Ultimate 3D Battle, Jurassic Park Rapid Adventures.
Enjoy Action Packed movie? Watch Lights, Camera, Action! and Water World. Thanks to our family members, making this trip possible! =)

Daze without Hubby- Day 14 - Helping out day!

Little one has been rather good recently. She has been trying to help out in the house.

She keeps her toys when I asked her to. I am trying to encourage her to do so automatically but I think that will take a bit more time.

Daze without Hubby- Day 13- Papa called Home!

Little one has been missing Daddy too. Hence, I've got Daddy to call back home. Look at her happy face chatting with Daddy.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Daze without Hubby- Day 12- Pizza day

It was a last minute decision.

We went to Jack's Place for pizza.
Thin Crust Pizza

Apple pie with ice cream

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Daze without Hubby - Day 11 - Missing him day

A little note to my Darling...
Darling, I have been missing you...I know it is still a week plus to go and I know you have been missing me.

A home without you is not very much the same. Everyday, I kept worrying about going off work on time because I had no one else to rely on. The house is... err... slightly messier than before. It is really hard to cope single-handedly our daily needed routine, doing chores, spending time with little one and educating her. After dinner and bathing, the time left is only 0.5 -1.5hr. Hence, I put priority spending time with her and the rest just take a back seat. However, little one has been helping out tidying the house. Although it's still not neat enough but she is learning. 

Recently, her favorite food had been soft boiled eggs. She had been requesting that so frequently that I lost count how many exactly she has eaten this week! Her teacher praised her for being more talkative. She was so quiet before.

As for me, I have been turning into she-hulk more frequently as little one can be quite stubborn and would not admit that she is wrong (although I have tried to explain , then ignore her tantrum-throwing, whatever tactics that was mentioned in the web) It is only the cane works. Although it is very much against my will, I have to use it to threaten her. I felt very much like my mama in her younger days. So this is probably retribution? heheh...

Yes, Darling, I will be waiting here for your safe return. Let's do continue to Wadsapp and send photos from that media.

See you soon!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Daze without Hubby - Day 10 - Old school day

We have been playing old school games today. Remember paper dolls? We are playing with sticker dolls instead.
They works almost the same way. We get to change clothes every time but you get to stick them everywhere! Probably help my girl develop a fashion sense!

We also played with plane chess game, a very old school game. whereby the first player to get all his/her planes (total 4 no) home, is the winner of the game.

I love love particularly to play with this. Not just that it makes me remember the good old times, it also help my girl to learn.
She learns to:-
-count , be it the number of steps or the number on the dice, 
-basic rules of board game,
-take turns

Best of all, she learns to enjoy board game!

Pardon the poor quality of the photo. My handphone camera just could not take good photo in dim lighting.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Daze without Hubby - Day 9 - Dining out again

Little one says she wants to eat fish and had requested Fish and Co.
So after work, we went to Clementi Mall to dine.
Love the chalk art

They have Kids Menu and I encourage little girl to play with the crossword puzzle. She is to name the pictures and write out the words herself while I spelt out the name.

Our dinner

Chicken Mushroom Spaghetti 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Daze without Hubby - Day 8 - Special request from Little one of course!

After a day's work, little one told me she wants to eat instant noodle. When we reached home, it was already 7.30pm. As I do not want our dinner to be entirely instant food, I prepared fresh ingredients.
Adding in the minced pork first, then corn and xiao bai cai last. Meanwhile, little one also request for hard boiled egg which I used a second pot to prepare the food.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Daze without Hubby - Day 7 - Rest Day

Thanks to Wadsapp, my hubby and I have been communicating without burning a big hole in our pocket. With advanced technology, communications had been made easier. He said he had bought a hello kitty toothbrush and mug for her. :)

I shall blog less since it was suppose to be a rest day. In the evening, I brought her over to Xin Wang for dinner. We ordered simple ham and toast for her. She had quite an appetite and could almost finished the whole plate, except for a piece of ham and a piece of bread!

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