Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vinegared Lotus Roots (Su Renkon)

Read about a recipe on cooking lotus roots in vinegar.

I thought this would be an interesting recipe. I never have thought of cooking in that way! Anyway, I decided to give it a try.

I searched through the web for some recipe. 
Interestingly, I got to know the Japanese name for Vinegared Lotus Roots is Su Renkon. 
Renkon is lotus roots while Su is rice vinegar in Japanese.

Found recipe on several website. But this is the one I followed closely.

1 section (10 inch) Lotus root
1/4 tsp. MSG     *Optional  and I omitted
1/4 cup. water
1/4 cup. thinly sliced abalone   *I omitted
1/3 cup. vinegar
1/4 cup. thinly sliced carrots
3 tbs. sugar
1 tsp. toasted sesame seeds
1 tsp. salt

Peel lotus root and slice crosswise thinly.
In a sauce pan, combine water, vinegar, sugar, salt, and MSG; bring to a boil.
Add lotus root and cook 4 to 5 minutes until clear and transparent.
Remove from heat; gently mix in abalone and carrots.
Sprinkle with sesame seeds; chill.
Makes 6 servings.

Dream Dictionary

Just happened to browse this website.
Had a dream last week, dreamt of a fire near ex-neighbour's home.
After reading through the interpretation of fire in dream.
It could mean stress. Oh, how true! I was stressed last week.

I guess this website may have a solution to your dream.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Permits Permits Permits- They are driving me crazy

Sigh! It's a bad day! Was bothered by the permits issue. I have nothing to describe my feelings now, except sickening.

My customer needs CEPT Form D and has to apply for them based on the contract.
The particular shipment involved was a month ago. I need to apply 2 sets of Form D as there are 2 country of origin applicable for this shipment.

The first set was approved *but I had having problem with it later, see below* as I applied quite early after receipt of Form D from my supplier A.

It is the second set is the one that is giving me problems. The cargo arrive at my warehouse slightly more than a month ago and only recent we receive the Form D from supplier B. So we only apply for the back to back Form D this week via one of the agent who can do such Form D application.

Custom query why this set of goods was submitted so late when since shipment should have done about a month ago. I would face penalty for late declaration. I told the agent I have the export permit declared for this item. Then, she said this is not allowed as we cannot have 2 sets of export permits for the same shipment. We have to cancel one of them and re-apply new set at additional cost. *Ok, fine with it* I send over my permit to the agent. The Form D that I applied for goods from supplier A has to be cancel and re-apply too due to this reason. Sianz liao... more money must be dump in.

Then, comes the second issue. This item I am applying has a different HS code. The export permit is having a different HS code from the Form D from supplier B.

Omg, this will be big problem as custom definitely will request for the HS Code of the export permit to change so as to tally with the Form D from supplier B. Now that export permit is expired, we cannot change or do anything to it. Any way, I am told to call the Customs.

The people from Customs makes more query : whether this permit was utilised. How do I know? Customs says as long as it is being used for application it is considered as utilised. Only then, I recalled the agent ever mentioned whether the permit is magnifested. What is that? btw, I have no idea. I did not do any thing to my permit if you asked me. Later, I've got to know that to manifest is to be recorded in a ship's list of the cargo carried by a ship, made for the use of various agents and officials at the ports of destination. Ho ho! I guess, this permit should have been manifested since shipment was a month ago. The thing is when I ask my haulier, she does not seem to know. Sianz! So, can anybody else tell me whether it is being utilised or not? There are so many terms they told me but I do not understand. I think I may need a course on this, Is there one?

Anyway, the main issue now is the documents are containing different HS Code and hence, have to write in letter to custom for help. Sigh! Had already spend lots of money to and fro. Now feeling the pressure as the deadline to submit to customer is actually this Friday. But they are extending to next Tuesday. Monday is public holiday in Singapore, it is as good as saying I have to submit by Friday, by hook or by crook. Otherwise have to face penalty. Super Sianz!!!

So, it's a situation whereby whether you supply the Form D or not, additional money has to be dump in. If you asked me why the stats were not checked in the place? I can tell you. I learn on the job, have never attended any courses on trading and exports.
I do not know the importance of permits. I thought it is just a simple paperwork to inform custom that goods are imported in and exported out of country.
Never did I know, permits are very important. There were many different types of permits. So many information in that piece of paper. Think I desparately needs a course on it. Otherwise, I will be dead meat again!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Dangerous Bus rides

Was taking bus 198 home today. Everything was as usual when suddenly the bus braked to a stop. A woman in her forties fell to the ground. The lucky thing was that she did not knocked her head on the floor although she fell backwards to the ground near to me. There were some commotions. An uncle started scolding the Indian bus driver for not apologising for the sudden brake. He said this was murderous and a lot of nasty things. He did not sound nice but I agree with his point of view, if the driver has to brake suddenly, he should at least apologise and take a look at the victim to ensure that she is all right. The situation may be worse if the victim had been an elderly. However, the driver did not do anything, not even enquire whether the victim is ok. He did not bother to check and just drove the bus silently.

This is the second time I witness victim falling during a bus ride. The first time, a few months back, was rather serious as the victim seemed to have fallen from the stairs to the 1st level and knocked her head on the floor. There were lots of commotions. A lot of people rushed to the victim including the driver to ensure she is alright. *It's rather heart warming to see people who cares* We were told not to help the victim up as she knocked her head. She managed to pick herself up but I think she must have a big bump as there was a loud thud when she fell. She was told to see the doctor. *I just hope that she is alright. *

Today, this dangerous and simply bo chap driver reminds me of another driver whom I encountered. I was scanning my EZ link card on the machine. The driver suddenly boomed in a loud voice, "HELLO, SCAN YOUR CARD!" I was scared stiff. Only to realise later that he was talking to the guy in front of me. The guy scanned the card and walked off. I wonder whether it is neccessary to speak in such a loud voice. Imagine, the guy was in front of me and yet I did not notice whether did he scan his card. * I was in a auto-pilot mode* If I were to be caught not scanning my card because I am in my auto-pilot made , I may feel insulted by his loud voice and language as I did not do that in purpose. I think drivers should speak poliltely to passengers. We are after all, the customers. He could say something like" Excuse Me, Sir (or Mdm), you have forgotten to scan your card" At least this sounds better than "SCAN YOUR CARD".

For all bus drivers, I am not trying to find fault at your driving but I hope to have much pleasant and comfortable rides in future and not to feel bad after taking a bus ride.

Please do consider the following:-
1) Please drives carefully.
2) If you have to brake because you have to avoid careless drivers, pls check that you do not have any injured victims on your bus. If someone had fallen, at least show some concern for them by asking whether they are alright.
3) Speak to customers in a nicer way. (This will prevent road/ bus rage as well. People in bad mood tend to react nastily towards someone who speaks to them in a harsh way)

We are your customers and we expect to have good services on your bus. Please do not leave us feeling so uncomfortable or fearful of taking your buses.

Young Love Nowadays

Remember the colleague I mentioned in Generation Gap? She showed me her photo on her handphone today. It is just shadows. From the shadows, I can see that one of them is her, the other is a guy. So I asked her whether he is the one whom she talked about the last time. I thought they were finally together. To my surprise, she answered that this is her long time boyfriend !!! Out of reflex, I just uttered, "You have to be loyal! You have to be loyal to your partner!" She told me she does not intend to get married.

Sigh... I do not know why and could not understand why the younger generation now behaves in this manner. I thought once you found a partner, you should stay loyal?
Is the society changing too fast that I can't catch up? Is there peer pressure that one should have lots of partners? Or is there just too much heartbreakers around that we have to have more than one partner so that we feel more secure? Regardless what the reason is, not getting married is certainly not an excuse for having multiple partners.

I do not know what she is thinking and how many people think like her.
However, I always feel if I were to treat my partner right, he will return the favour. If he does not, it's time to move on. I don't think I have the heart to break his heart. Just cringe at the thought of how he will feel when he finds out if I ever two-timed him. It would simply break his heart into pieces. No, two timing is never an option for me! One thing for sure, if you treat someone badly, you do not expect nice treatment from the other party.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Generation Gap

A young colleague of mine approached me for advice on matters of the heart.
She told me that she like a guy very much but he doesn't like her.
She said that he had just broke up with her girl friend and hence have been seeking her for emotional support. She grew to like him but he rejected her.

I simply reply to her that since he rejected her, might as well give him up. If he is meant to be yours, he will be yours. It's no point forcing love.

She then told me that she left her jacket at his shop. He brought it home as he doesn't want to leave it in the shop. He told her he wanted to take her jacket and hug it to sleep.

I am shocked at what she told me. If he doesn't like her, why give the false impression that he likes her after rejecting her? So, I request her to get the jacket back. However, she said she would like to leave the jacket with him because she wants him to keep it.

After listening to her, I get all confused. I know when it comes to the matter of the heart, sometimes, it is difficult to declare your love in front of the person you like. If it is a like, it is a like. It is never in the grey area.

Perhaps, the guy does like her but is not ready to accept a new relationship and hence such response. However, it can also be the case whereby he wants to get someone better than her and yet refuses to let her go in the meantime while he is searching. I do not want to guess since I am not him.

I wonder if there is a generation gap between me and my colleague. She seemed to be eager to wait for the love to come despite my advice not to pursue the relationship further. I wonder if she had watched too much of idol drama series. But if I am her, I think I would simply say bye bye to my puppy love and remains as friend with the guy. I think there are a lot more things out there to look forward to other than love.

Now, what will I say to my children if they were to approach me for similar advice? I guess I would have said the same thing. Hopefully, they will heed my advice and not keep dwelling on that matter. Just the old saying, "Besides love, there are still a lot to look forward to."

Sunday, March 2, 2008

野蠻奶奶 2 - 大戰戈師奶

Gor Si Lai (credit TVB)

Last evening, my husband and I were watching the TVB series. Episode 16
I felt sad watching the show as Ah Mun 周麗敏 suggested to divorce her husband, Kyle.
All because her husband had an 'affair' with her ex-girlfriend, Athena.

Ah Mun suggested divorce because Kyle, a talent in the stock market, has been working in Athena's office and had not quit his job despise Athena's advances. Kyle had not quit because he had just got his license as a stoke broker when he was about to tender his letter.

If you were Kyle, would you quit or stay on the job? If you were Ah Mun, would you have insisted Kyle to quit because you feel threaten by Athena?

I am not sure whether there will be any correct answers. My husband says, for Kyle, it all depends on what you think as important. Job or wife? For wife, whether you consider that this job is the only job that husband will be happy to work in or is it your personnal feeling more important? Is husband lying to wife because he is afraid that the wife will get upset acceptable?

Any way, Kyle promised Ah Mun to quit but did not due to the fact, he had just got his license. When Ah Mun found out, she got so upset that she request for divorce. *I think that's hasty decision* I was sadden by this. So Athena and Kyle were together after the divorce as shown in Episode 17 .

Below is the theme song from 野蠻奶奶.

Subtheme Song (from youtube)
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