Sunday, March 2, 2008

野蠻奶奶 2 - 大戰戈師奶

Gor Si Lai (credit TVB)

Last evening, my husband and I were watching the TVB series. Episode 16
I felt sad watching the show as Ah Mun 周麗敏 suggested to divorce her husband, Kyle.
All because her husband had an 'affair' with her ex-girlfriend, Athena.

Ah Mun suggested divorce because Kyle, a talent in the stock market, has been working in Athena's office and had not quit his job despise Athena's advances. Kyle had not quit because he had just got his license as a stoke broker when he was about to tender his letter.

If you were Kyle, would you quit or stay on the job? If you were Ah Mun, would you have insisted Kyle to quit because you feel threaten by Athena?

I am not sure whether there will be any correct answers. My husband says, for Kyle, it all depends on what you think as important. Job or wife? For wife, whether you consider that this job is the only job that husband will be happy to work in or is it your personnal feeling more important? Is husband lying to wife because he is afraid that the wife will get upset acceptable?

Any way, Kyle promised Ah Mun to quit but did not due to the fact, he had just got his license. When Ah Mun found out, she got so upset that she request for divorce. *I think that's hasty decision* I was sadden by this. So Athena and Kyle were together after the divorce as shown in Episode 17 .

Below is the theme song from 野蠻奶奶.

Subtheme Song (from youtube)

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