Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Little One's favorite one dish meal

I love to cook one dish meal for lunch. That is because minimum washing is required and it get done within half an hour or less. For the past 3 months, these were her favorite.


Chinese Chive Porridge

Ingredients: Chopped Chinese Chive, Chopped Ginger, Mixture of white rice (75%) and barley(25%), Sliced Pork
If you like, you may add pepper, sesame oil for taste.

I am rather surprise Little One likes this meal as Chinese Chive has a rather strong smell. She does not like Chinese Chives dumplings though.


Minced Pork Kuey Teow

Ingredient: Kuey Teow, minced pork, frozen peas, wolfberries, plucked bean sprout
If you like, you may add pepper, sesame oil for taste.


Fried Rice

Ingredient: Cooked Rice, frozen vegetables, Cocktail Sausages, Chopped Chinese Sausages, beaten egg, pepper,sesame oil

Pepper and sesame oil is a must for fried rice. Usually, I do not put sausages in my cooking due to its high salt content. It is only once in a blue moon I will cook them. Usually, I will substitute with fresh meat instead.

How about you?
What have you been cooking?

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  1. This looks quite tasty!
    Thank you for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/04/cat-on-ladder.html

  2. Chinese chive porridge looks yummy, and perfect for winter!

    1. Yes, it is and it is good comfort food too!


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