Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Explore Collyer Quay -Modified Social Benches

We saw these cute benches on our walk along Colley Quay from Clifford Pier last year. They were designed by Jeppe Hein.

 On a closer look (at the desciption plaque on the top right corner of the bench), I discovered there are 10 modified benches around. We decided to explore only in April. We found only 8 benches. We discovered the last 2 benches only recently.

What would you do if you see such benches around? Some are so weird that sitting on it seemed impossible. Try some funny poses!

The following are not named in order.
Bench 1
Bench 2

Bench 3

Bench 4

Bench 5
Bench 6

Bench 7

Bench 8 - This has to be Little One's favorite. She had been sliding on it over and over agai.
Bench 9

Bench 10 - probably inspired the most poses for Little One. She even tried to leap frog but crawl over instead.


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