Friday, June 26, 2015

Book of the month: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Pop-up book)

Familiar with the classic, Alice in Wonderland? Does pop up books give you the Oohs and Ahhs?
If your answer is yes to both questions, I would like to introduce you to this amazing book!
I simply adore this book. So does Little One. It is not surprising that it is the book of the month shortly after we bought it.
This is the pop-up adaptation of Lewis Carrell's Original Tale by Robert Sabuda. I shall not dwell on the story as many are already familiar with it. As Little One looked amazed looking at the pop-ups, I think it is a good time to introduced a classic especially one that is true to the original. We were given the choice of Little Mermaid as well. We have a difficult time choosing because we have a budget to meet. (A Pop-up book is not cheap) In the end, we chose Alice as Little One is not familiar with the story.
Can you find all the main characters in the story?

There are 6 wonderful super-sized pop-ups in the book.
Little One could not keep her hands off the book

This particular pop up can be viewed in 360 degrees. The little details such as Alice's face and the ability to make the house pop up in your face simply wow me.

Another splendid pop-up
It also contains additional pop-ups contained within the mini story books. Below are my favorites.
The way the Caterpillar uses a hookah looks real as you flip the page. It seems to put the tube towards its mouth.
The white rose being painted red as you open the page
These are just some examples, There are loads more fantastic pop-ups in the book! Now you know why we could not keep our hands off the book!

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  1. This is such a stunning book! I love it! Will have to wait till Noah is old enough to appreciate this, but I'm so tempted to get a copy for myself. :) Thanks for sharing and linking up!

    1. Thanks for comment and sharing on your facebook page, Adeline! I agree it is more suitable for older children who knows how to appreciate and not damage it. It will be terrible heartache if the book is damaged.


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