Friday, June 19, 2015

Little One's Funniest Moments

Below are some moments I had with my daughter in her growing years.

1. I was watching my ROM video with my daughter, she recognised her Papa but asked where is Mama... =_=
(Apparently, I looked so different, she failed to recognise me... so sad...)

2. Little One declared one day after a wedding that she wants to marry both my hubby and I ( Ehhh..... polygamy and incest is not allowed...)

3. When I broke the news that Hubby was going away for reservist, Little One was upset for a few minutes and kept shaking her head. After that, she came over and tickled my feet as though as nothing had happened.

4. Her response for drinking soft drink for the first time: a little shocked, shake herself, cleans the tongue... she says it is ticklish... for the first time I hear such description for taste of soft drink...

5. Funny conversation with gal part 1...

Me: remember "The Hungry Caterpillar"?
Little One: yes
me: what does it become?
Little One: fat!
Me : ... ( Not entirely wrong , just that I did not expect such an answer)

6. Funny conversation with gal part 2...

Little One: Guess what's in my hand.
me: Can you give me a clue?
Little One: What is a clue?
me : Remember you asked me to guess your friend's name? You gave me a clue. It starts with "Cl"...
Little One : Ok. This is not a clue.
me: ... (Now , I am still clueless)

7. Funny conversation with gal part 3...

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Little One: Cooker!
Me: (burst out laughing and teasing her) Sorry, do you mean "rice cooker"?
Little One: Yeah!
(Apparently, she forgot what is a rice cooker)

8. Funny conversation with gal part 4...

We were doing some reading.
Me: What does a person who deliver post is known as?
Little One: Poster!
(I think she figured out that a teacher teaches, a baker bakes, a cooker cooks and so a poster posts but failed to realise that poster post something online but does not deliver a post.)

9. A random question on death

Me: What would you do if I die?
Little One bows with her palms together: "Bai Bai" (refering to paying respects to the dead.)

10. Little One told me one day that the Mermaid was created because the Merlion married a human.  *Faintz* (Where did she learn that from?)

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