Monday, April 29, 2013

Daze without Hubby - Day 6 - The trip

I sort of plan this trip with little one. I had told her before that we can only go Clementi Mall during the day because we have so much to do there.
We went there after our nap and had a late lunch at The Soup Restaurant.
I was happy to say little one finished her good, completely clear everything from her plate.

Prior to this, I had difficulty getting her to agree to eat lunch first before going to the playground. She had such a meltdown, I had to walked away threatening that we were to go home straight away if she was not to listen to me.

After our lunch, we went to the public library for a rest. After which, we headed to the playground for her to play.

This is her favorite part in the playground. This was taken sometime ago. I did not take any photo on that day. 
She enjoyed herself very much and was very happy. I was happy as well. At least this was a break from our mundane life.

Daze without Hubby - Day 5 - Tabao

After a tired day at work and my nose started running, I did not feel like cooking.  So I thought having takeaways (Tabao) instead. How do I convince the little one?

Initially, little one was still very insistent about going to Clementi Mall. I knew why she kept mentioning that place because it has an indoor playground which she enjoyed quite a lot.

Soon, there were insects flying around again and she asked why these creatures were out. I told her that these insects like to come out at night and tried persuading her not to go Clementi Mall because it was too late.

We Tabao Wanton noodles from the nearby stall which only opens at night. My hubby misses this stall. Then we bought some tau sar pau (little one's favorite steam red bean buns) and headed home.

We ended sleeping at 10pm +, almost the same time as the day before. I prefer to have takeaways at home because there is no washing ups to do and I can get my household chores done.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Daze without Hubby - Day 4 - Her insistence

Fetching the little girl from school on Day 4

So, after crying for 30 minutes or so, she still refused to bulge. In the end, we went to Star Vista not because she gave in but because she did not like to stay there any more as there were insects flying all around. There again, she had her favorite soft boiled eggs .

When you have little kids who are so insistent, what would you do?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Daze without hubby - Day 3 - Off Day

The first 2 days, I have not really tested how exactly it would be like when I had to juggle work and home single-handedly, without any help from any where.

On Day 3, likewise, I have yet to get back to work. Reason being I ran a fever last evening and my boss advised me not to go to work. I had this nagging headache that refused to go off. I had to force myself to nap. Finally, when I did, I nap for almost 4 hours!

It was time to fetch little one again. I told her I would be cooking instant noodles so I served her fruits first.
Fruits before dinner

Then, I finished up all the household chores before proceeding to make our dinner- Koka Purple Wheat Noodles with egg and XiaoBai Cai. This time she finished her dinner and she said it is very nice. I have not made instant noodles for her and probably she find this refreshing?

We finally settled down 10 + pm and yes, she did asked for DVD again this evening. I told her firmly that she could not watch unless she would agree that she should stop watching when I asked her to. She agreed without throwing any tantrums and I have no difficulty getting her to bathe. It seemed like everything is going on smoothly with this method. I shall use it again.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Daze without hubby - Day 2 - The Road to Recovery

Little girl woke up late despite she slept early last night. Again, having to deal with her " I don't want to go to school" tantrums, finally she settled and agreed to go to school. She had half boiled eggs for breakfast and my appetite resumed. There was no fever.

After sending her off to school, I did 3 rounds of laundry and made my own lunch. I did not feel like sleeping though my head hurts. Soon it was evening and I had to rush to fetch my girl.

After fetching her, I realised I was running a fever again! Despite the illness, I still have to use magic clean to clean up the floor. Yesterday, I did not clean my home because of the high fever. I made dinner, a simple multi-grain porridge and did 1 more round of laundry. Unfortunately, my girl did not like the food and request for cereal. By the time, I have completed everything, it was 9+ pm. My girl refuses to go to sleep as she wanted to continue watching DVD. Hence, I told her, I am going to ban DVD on weekdays since she does not cooperate. When she finally sleeps, I realised I am having insomnia.

What do you do when your little kid throws tantrum? Would you have react the same way as I did?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daze without hubby - Day 1 - Feverish day

My hubby went for reservist for 3 weeks. . He is my soul mate for pouring all the woes regarding baby and work. :P He helps me out with household chores. I cannot imagine life without him.

My hubby was running a high fever the day before his flight was due. I was seriously worried. Can he really go on for training like that? He went any way since his fever had subsided.

On the first night without him, I couldn't really sleep well. Something keep bugging me to look at my phone. I saw his message, he was going to board the plane soon. Still worried that he had not fully recovered, I wads-app him to take care. After that, I try to go back to sleep.

The next morning, after coaxing my reluctant daughter to go to school, I went to work. On board the MRT, I felt chills, I had the feeling, I may be falling sick! True enough, when I reached office, I felt chills again. My throat and head felt very warm. I felt a nagging headache whenever I cough. I applied for sick leave and headed home to sleep. My temperature was 38.5C. After sleeping, my temperature rose further to 39.8C.
As it was mid afternoon, I went to the polyclinic to get diagnosed. After doctor's prescription, I went home. I have got 2 days MC.

Feeling sick, I went to fetch my daughter from school. I was supposed to make dinner but I guess I could not do anything nice with such ill health. In the end, we bought dinner back. I truly had no appetite for food, after a few mouthful, I could not eat any more.

I bathe my girl early despite her complain that she did not get to watch any DVD. After which we went to bed early and ended the day.

I did not expect that I would have fallen ill on the first day of his absence. Who would, anyway?

Long time no see!

It has been quite sometime since I last blog. I have been busy with work, family commitments, outings ( I don't even have the time to blog on those yet!)

Anyway, it has been a good snake year, the fact is, the above are just excuses, I am eating snake (lazy)!
Soon, I will start to blog again. Tune in.
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