Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daze without hubby - Day 1 - Feverish day

My hubby went for reservist for 3 weeks. . He is my soul mate for pouring all the woes regarding baby and work. :P He helps me out with household chores. I cannot imagine life without him.

My hubby was running a high fever the day before his flight was due. I was seriously worried. Can he really go on for training like that? He went any way since his fever had subsided.

On the first night without him, I couldn't really sleep well. Something keep bugging me to look at my phone. I saw his message, he was going to board the plane soon. Still worried that he had not fully recovered, I wads-app him to take care. After that, I try to go back to sleep.

The next morning, after coaxing my reluctant daughter to go to school, I went to work. On board the MRT, I felt chills, I had the feeling, I may be falling sick! True enough, when I reached office, I felt chills again. My throat and head felt very warm. I felt a nagging headache whenever I cough. I applied for sick leave and headed home to sleep. My temperature was 38.5C. After sleeping, my temperature rose further to 39.8C.
As it was mid afternoon, I went to the polyclinic to get diagnosed. After doctor's prescription, I went home. I have got 2 days MC.

Feeling sick, I went to fetch my daughter from school. I was supposed to make dinner but I guess I could not do anything nice with such ill health. In the end, we bought dinner back. I truly had no appetite for food, after a few mouthful, I could not eat any more.

I bathe my girl early despite her complain that she did not get to watch any DVD. After which we went to bed early and ended the day.

I did not expect that I would have fallen ill on the first day of his absence. Who would, anyway?

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