Friday, April 26, 2013

Daze without hubby - Day 3 - Off Day

The first 2 days, I have not really tested how exactly it would be like when I had to juggle work and home single-handedly, without any help from any where.

On Day 3, likewise, I have yet to get back to work. Reason being I ran a fever last evening and my boss advised me not to go to work. I had this nagging headache that refused to go off. I had to force myself to nap. Finally, when I did, I nap for almost 4 hours!

It was time to fetch little one again. I told her I would be cooking instant noodles so I served her fruits first.
Fruits before dinner

Then, I finished up all the household chores before proceeding to make our dinner- Koka Purple Wheat Noodles with egg and XiaoBai Cai. This time she finished her dinner and she said it is very nice. I have not made instant noodles for her and probably she find this refreshing?

We finally settled down 10 + pm and yes, she did asked for DVD again this evening. I told her firmly that she could not watch unless she would agree that she should stop watching when I asked her to. She agreed without throwing any tantrums and I have no difficulty getting her to bathe. It seemed like everything is going on smoothly with this method. I shall use it again.

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