Monday, April 29, 2013

Daze without Hubby - Day 5 - Tabao

After a tired day at work and my nose started running, I did not feel like cooking.  So I thought having takeaways (Tabao) instead. How do I convince the little one?

Initially, little one was still very insistent about going to Clementi Mall. I knew why she kept mentioning that place because it has an indoor playground which she enjoyed quite a lot.

Soon, there were insects flying around again and she asked why these creatures were out. I told her that these insects like to come out at night and tried persuading her not to go Clementi Mall because it was too late.

We Tabao Wanton noodles from the nearby stall which only opens at night. My hubby misses this stall. Then we bought some tau sar pau (little one's favorite steam red bean buns) and headed home.

We ended sleeping at 10pm +, almost the same time as the day before. I prefer to have takeaways at home because there is no washing ups to do and I can get my household chores done.

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