Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Daze without hubby - Day 2 - The Road to Recovery

Little girl woke up late despite she slept early last night. Again, having to deal with her " I don't want to go to school" tantrums, finally she settled and agreed to go to school. She had half boiled eggs for breakfast and my appetite resumed. There was no fever.

After sending her off to school, I did 3 rounds of laundry and made my own lunch. I did not feel like sleeping though my head hurts. Soon it was evening and I had to rush to fetch my girl.

After fetching her, I realised I was running a fever again! Despite the illness, I still have to use magic clean to clean up the floor. Yesterday, I did not clean my home because of the high fever. I made dinner, a simple multi-grain porridge and did 1 more round of laundry. Unfortunately, my girl did not like the food and request for cereal. By the time, I have completed everything, it was 9+ pm. My girl refuses to go to sleep as she wanted to continue watching DVD. Hence, I told her, I am going to ban DVD on weekdays since she does not cooperate. When she finally sleeps, I realised I am having insomnia.

What do you do when your little kid throws tantrum? Would you have react the same way as I did?

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