Monday, April 29, 2013

Daze without Hubby - Day 6 - The trip

I sort of plan this trip with little one. I had told her before that we can only go Clementi Mall during the day because we have so much to do there.
We went there after our nap and had a late lunch at The Soup Restaurant.
I was happy to say little one finished her good, completely clear everything from her plate.

Prior to this, I had difficulty getting her to agree to eat lunch first before going to the playground. She had such a meltdown, I had to walked away threatening that we were to go home straight away if she was not to listen to me.

After our lunch, we went to the public library for a rest. After which, we headed to the playground for her to play.

This is her favorite part in the playground. This was taken sometime ago. I did not take any photo on that day. 
She enjoyed herself very much and was very happy. I was happy as well. At least this was a break from our mundane life.

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