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Varieties Vanda of Vanda Miss Joaquim

Couple of weeks ago, I blogged about Vanda Miss Joaquim. Did you know there are many varieties of Vanda Miss Joaquim?  I found that out only after visiting “Orchids of Singapore Botanic Gardens and Their Heritage" exhibition last month. In the exhibition, some of those varieties were showcased too! Now look at the above varieties and the photo I had taken. Can you tell them apart?

The National Flower of Singapore

Papilionanthe Singapore Golden Jubilee
Below are 3 different varieties of Vanda Miss Joaquim which I think look quite alike from afar.  One of these is the " Singapore Golden Jubilee" variety which was revealed just before our National Day! (see above) Comparing these 3, how similar or different are they the same as the selected variety "Agnes"? Can you tell?

Vanda Miss Joaquim 1

Vanda Miss Joaquim  2 
Vanda Miss Joaquim 3

These prompted me to ask SBG questions about our national flower.

Are all these our national flower? 
The orchid experts in SBG mentioned the actual variety that is selected as our National Flower is the variety ‘Agnes’. The various varieties in the exhibition saw are actually different genetic expressions as a result of the crossing of different varieties of the same species parent. Hence, the remaining varieties are generally still considered as National Flower as they all derived from the same species parentage.

Key difference between "Agnes" and "Singapore Botanic Gardens" 
The key difference is in the shape and colour of the lip/labellum of the 2 varieties:
‘Agnes’ has a more purplish middle lobe, but 'Singapore Botanic Gardens’ has a more reddish middle lobe.

The other difference is in the overall size and colour of the 2 varieties:
‘Agnes’ is generally smaller and the dorsal sepals and lateral petals are more purplish. ‘Singapore Botanic Gardens’ is generally larger and the lateral petals are more purplish pink.

Above quoted from messages correspondence.

Key difference between "Agnes" and "Singapore Golden Jubilee"

Agnes: The top sepal and petals are light pink, while the lower (lateral) sepals are white. The angel-shaped lip in the middle is bright pinkish purple, with an orange centre that has reddish-purple spots.

Singapore Golden Jubilee:  Each flower measures about 7 cm across and is complemented with a large pinkish purple lip with a bright orange-yellow throat streaked with distinct red venations. The petals and dorsal sepal are mauve while the lateral sepals are white with a tinge of pale mauve.

Above quoted from SBG Website
Answer to the 3 variety:
1. "Singapore Botanic Gardens"
2. Vanda Miss Joaquim Hybrid
3. "Singapore Golden Jubilee"

How I see it?
I am not an expert but I think the main distinctive feature is the shape of the lips. Look at the 3 flowers above. The lips of the flowers are pretty different. The lip of "Agnes" is pretty close to flower 2. But the colours of the flower 2 seemed more too purplish but the lateral sepals are not white, so I deduce it is not "Agnes" too. What do you think?

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PS: Fret not, if you have not visited the exhibition before it was gone, I was told the plants will be transported back to National Orchid Garden after the exhibition. I had not seen the orchid named after Mdm Kwa Geok Choo yet as it was brought back to the nursery.

From 29th August to 13th September 2015, students and accompanying adults can visit the National Orchid Garden for free. Visit SBG for more information.

Free admission terms and conditions

1. Children 12 years old and below.
2. Students are required to present valid student cards.
3. Adults accompanying children and/or students for the visit.
4. Not applicable to tour groups and tickets purchased in advance.


  1. Beautiful flowers in these photos - lovely shots!
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  2. Hi Y'all!

    Those are absolutely beautiful orchids. Great photos. Thanks for the tour.

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  3. I love our national flower! My hubby and I actually got married at an orchid garden! :)

    1. Wow! I can imagine it was a very romantic and beautiful moment!

  4. These orchids are really beautiful.I really love the Orchid Garden at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.It's nice to read about these different varieties...


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