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Sculptures #4 Along Singapore River and the nearby areas

This week, I am talking you a walk down Singapore river to both sides of the river bank, namely the Financial District and the Civic District, including the museum belt. I shall not dwell too much on history. This, I may save for another post.

Singapore River along Financial District
Kucinta cats (Singapura Cats) at Cavenagh Bridge
 Used to have 15 of these but only 3 were left at present.

 The River Merchants by Aw Tee Hong at Singapore River
These are site specific sculptures

First Generation by Chong Fah Cheong
Another site specific artwork. Children used to play in the Singapore River in the earlier days.

Bird by Fernando Bertoro
symbolises peace, serenity, joy of living and optimism and that Singapore may prosper
Hommage to Newton by Salvador Dali at UOB Plaza
I love this. Open head and open torso to depict open-mindedness and open heartedness respectively.
Unielephant by Philip Treacy at The Fullerton Heritage
Look at that horn
The Merlion and its cub at the Merlion Park by Kwan Sai Keong
The Merlion cub at the Merlion Park

Singapore River along Civic District
Along the other side of Singapore River are more site specific sculptures.

The Great Emporium by Malcolm Koh at the Singapore River
Singapore as a trading port
From Chettiars to Financiers by Chern Lian Shan
Chettiars are money lenders from South India. What is interesting about this sculpture is the woman on the left. (See below)
She is the modern stock broker. The sculptor is clever to show the transformation of Raffles Place in this sculpture

Statue of Sir Stamford Raffles
This polymarble statue, is a replica, denotes
Raffles Landing Site
The Original Bronze statue was moved from Padang
 to the site in front of Victoria Memorial Hall

Armenian church 
Various religious sculptures are scattered on the ground of the church. I find them beautiful but I do not know whether there is any stories behind these sculptures. These are just a few of the many.

Someone planted a flower in his hand.
Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Stone Lion  (One of the pair)

Take the past forward!  The child seemed to be pointing towards something up in the sky
Taking a closer look! Do you see what I see?
It was said she is wearing a polka dot dress, holding a camera. But I can't see very well from where I was despite various attempts to look closer.
The ACM Cat

Fort Canning
There are a lot of sculptures in Fort Canning, this is just one of them.

Let There Be Peace by Alexandra Nechita 

National Museum of Singapore
There were a couple of sculptures here but this has to be my favourite.
Living World by Ju Ming

Singapore Art Museum
The Explorer by Ng Eng Teng

The Flight by Etienne at Raffles City

There is one other unique sculpture which I have seen but this is not any where near the above mentioned place. Has anyone seen it?

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  1. Some of these are truly wonderful! Thank you for sharing!


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