Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Simple Ink Transfer

This is an interesting workshop by Mr Ray Chua which I had attended a couple of months ago. Transferring your digital images to create images like this. I apologise for this pretty small image.
All we need is an inkjet or a bubble-jet printer, waxed based paper, roller, sharp cutter and receiving medium such as matte paper (190g)

After printing the desired image on waxed paper, put it on top of the matte paper and roll on top of it with a roller. Press the roller hard and be careful not to move the papers at all.

After rolling, cut the end product with a cutter. Final product is the one at the bottom.

I have found some other ways of doing ink transfer but this, in my opinion, is the easiest way to do.


1.Rotate your image horizontally using your computer so that when it is transferred, it will be in the right orientation, especially so, if your image contains words.
2. Use Photoshop to make your image more vibrant, the transferred picture is usually not that bright. (Compare the differences in the above picture
 Top: printed directly on the matte paper, bottom : transferred from the waxed based paper )

Attached a video from You tube which showed similar way of transferring to a paper bag using used sticker label sheet.

With the simple technique, I think it would be a good idea test on different receiving medium such as to create pictures of your children on goodie bags, to create cards, scrapbook ideas, even just to frame it up as a portrait for your home.

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  1. This is so cool! I have never tried this before! Seems pretty easy to do but the effect is so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing this on Creativity 521! =)


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