Friday, August 1, 2014

Urban Art - Murals and an illusion art

This week, I will showcase a series of murals. Murals are actually wall paintings. Hence implying, the oldest mural that survived on Earth are those cave paintings 34,000 years old. The oldest Mural in Singapore is the Changi Murals. While I was attending the Changi Village Literacy Trail, I thought we would be visiting the Changi Chapel and Museum to see the replica. But unfortunately, we did not. We ran out of time.

Fort Canning Hill
Happened to pass by this set of graffiti on a fenced up area near Fort Canning centre.

Story of Redhill (Bukit Merah)

The Lion City (Past and present)
Queenstown Neighbourhood
by Social Creatives

Colours of Diversity ( Unfortunately, defaced)
Water Polo, Queenstown's water polo team used to do their training in Queenstown Swimming Complex.
Tribute to Baharuddin Vocational Institute, the first tertiary school dedicated to Manual and Applied Arts in Singapore.
Victoria Street near Bugis

This are created by famous artist Ernest Zacharevic, along the side walls of shophouses in Jalan Pisang and Jalan Klapa.
Girl with lion cub

Children in REAL trolleys



Child in a box.
Apparently, I missed out one of the work along this Street. heheh...

Illusion Art

Has these street art given you some inspiration to paint (on a piece of paper)?

PS: Graffiti is considered a vandalism act if it is done without permission.

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