Friday, August 29, 2014

Dance with Grace and Elegance

As a little girl, I have always wanted to be a ballet dancer. Haha... one of the little girl's fantasy. Though I would prefer to be able to play a piano if my parents were able to send me to one. Little One loves to dance and she had learnt some basic stretching steps from her friends in her friends in childcare last year. (Unfortunately, we had withdrawn her due to high fees which we could no longer maintain since I have stopped working) I happen to chance upon these books on dances when I brought her to one of the creative movements programme in the library.

1. Invitation to Ballet 
by Carolyn Vaughan ; works of art by Edgar Dgas ; illustrations by Rachel Isadora.
I love this book. I like the idea of integrating Ballet with Paintings of Edgar Dgas. A Performing Art with Visual Art. A brief history of ballet as well a biography of Edgar Dgas makes this book complete.

2. The Little Ballerina 
by Dally Grindley
DK Readers's "The Little Ballerina" is good for children who is beginning to read alone. Recommended for 6 to 8 years old. Although there are quite a number of technical terms, but these can be overcome easily as the book explained clearly how exactly the dance steps (The 5 positions and other dance steps) looked like. They include pictures to demostrate. Little One is not able to read alone as yet. This book is considered difficult for her. As I was reading, I felt the urge to try out and dance with Little One.

It is not surprising that Little One starts to ask for ballet lessons. (Ever since she watch the 12 days of Christmas by a ballet group at Forum) I told her she must persevere if she intends to learn ballet because lots of hard work have to be put in if she intends to be a good dancer. I have yet to do any research to sign her up for any ballet classes. If you have any good ones with trial, please do contact me by leaving me a comment or via the contact form (on the side bar).

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