Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sculptures #3 in the neighbourhood

Sculptures are not restricted just to the Central Business District (CBD), they can be in the neighbourhood too.

Seng Kang Sculpture Park


This sculpture reminds me of ET!


Towards tail

Towards Head

love the tiles
Lovely flowers in bloom and it's starting to bear fruits
Guess where these stairs lead to?

A double slide!
Cute manhole

The Metropolis
This is not exactly a neighbourhood but a business centre within a clusters of neighbourhood.
We explored the place after our Mac Donald meal.

These cluster of sculptures are interesting! They are working class with umbrellas, coats  and hats. They are situated all the way from the steps to the lowest level. It is interesting to see real working people blending in with the sculptures especially on a busy morning.

What a leap!

And what a hand!

Guess the animal!

I admit I didn't think it was a horse.

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  1. Whacky and fun!
    Please share at

  2. These, that you captured are very interesting! heartland areas? I must pay more attention to the surrounding;).


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