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Sculpture #2 Sculpture Society (Singapore) Annual Show 2014 SG-TW Shoebox Sculpture Show

If you are interested in sculptures, why not visit the Shoebox Sculpture exhibition at the Foothills, Fort Canning Park in Geleri Utama. Most of these sculptures are made by local sculptors. Some of these sculptures are for sale.

Outside Geleri Utama. Check out the flowers!

Sculptures on shelves

There were 6  shelves of sculptures on exhibit. Last 2 shelves contain sculptures made by Taiwanese sculptors. As these are not tag, you would have to refer on a piece of paper on the wall near the entrance, who the sculptors are and the name of the sculpture.

Showing some of my favourites.
姿 by 王秀杞 Love the posture of the sculpture

清晨 五点十分, 2013 by 简志达 These birds look so real and the pillow looked soft too!

金刚犀牛 ,2012 by 施力仁. I was told the sculptor had made many of these and the back of these rhino could be open to put things into them. Wow!

种子系列, 种子I, 2014 by 杨华 

Seed Pod II, 2014 by Han Sai Por , I love the combination of these colours
Me/ Layu, 2014 by Ezzam Rahman, I was told this is made from fingernails!

A cage, a man and an apple, 2014 by Nya Soe. Does the cage reminds you of the wooden blocks that children plays with?

The distance between the window and the door, 2014 by Yeo Chee Keong

A dream house , 2014 by Justin Lee. Somehow reminds me of a fusion between kampung zinc roof and the doors and windows of old estate such as Queenstown. A nostalgic feel.

All that Shines, We Climb, 2014 by Xin Xiaochang

种子, 2014 by Chua Chon Hee. Another seedpod.

Autumn by Aileen Toh. 

And many others... include Chua Boon Kee's work (bottom right, The Sandalwoodie family)...
Even outside the gallery,  there are sculptures
If you have about an or two hour to spare, you may want to walk around Fort Canning Park. There are at least 20 sculptures on the hill.

Little One's favourite kind of swings

Aren't they cute?
The Geleri is located just opposite Liang Court, near to the Fabulous Baker Boy cafe. I read good reviews about this cafe. Have you try it?

If you are interested in sculptures or intend to buy some, you may want to pay a visit to this gallery.

Venue :Geleri Utama
The Foothills, Fort Canning Park Singapore
Time of exhibit: 7th to 31st August 2014, 10am to 6 pm
Admission is free 

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