Friday, June 26, 2015

Book of the month: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Pop-up book)

Familiar with the classic, Alice in Wonderland? Does pop up books give you the Oohs and Ahhs?
If your answer is yes to both questions, I would like to introduce you to this amazing book!
I simply adore this book. So does Little One. It is not surprising that it is the book of the month shortly after we bought it.
This is the pop-up adaptation of Lewis Carrell's Original Tale by Robert Sabuda. I shall not dwell on the story as many are already familiar with it. As Little One looked amazed looking at the pop-ups, I think it is a good time to introduced a classic especially one that is true to the original. We were given the choice of Little Mermaid as well. We have a difficult time choosing because we have a budget to meet. (A Pop-up book is not cheap) In the end, we chose Alice as Little One is not familiar with the story.
Can you find all the main characters in the story?

There are 6 wonderful super-sized pop-ups in the book.
Little One could not keep her hands off the book

This particular pop up can be viewed in 360 degrees. The little details such as Alice's face and the ability to make the house pop up in your face simply wow me.

Another splendid pop-up
It also contains additional pop-ups contained within the mini story books. Below are my favorites.
The way the Caterpillar uses a hookah looks real as you flip the page. It seems to put the tube towards its mouth.
The white rose being painted red as you open the page
These are just some examples, There are loads more fantastic pop-ups in the book! Now you know why we could not keep our hands off the book!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Papa, Mama and Baby Frying Pan

I know it's strange but there are 3 frying pans in my family. The latest addition is the one on the right. It has a depth which my hubby likes. He love cooking with this. As it is heavy, it is not up to my liking, so I prefer to use the old one (on the left) which I have kept for over one year. I can use it to stir fry, making pancakes, steam mini cakes or bread. The one in the middle is used by Little One. We bought it for her so that she can learn cooking. She uses it to fry eggs.

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Little One's Funniest Moments

Below are some moments I had with my daughter in her growing years.

1. I was watching my ROM video with my daughter, she recognised her Papa but asked where is Mama... =_=
(Apparently, I looked so different, she failed to recognise me... so sad...)

2. Little One declared one day after a wedding that she wants to marry both my hubby and I ( Ehhh..... polygamy and incest is not allowed...)

3. When I broke the news that Hubby was going away for reservist, Little One was upset for a few minutes and kept shaking her head. After that, she came over and tickled my feet as though as nothing had happened.

4. Her response for drinking soft drink for the first time: a little shocked, shake herself, cleans the tongue... she says it is ticklish... for the first time I hear such description for taste of soft drink...

5. Funny conversation with gal part 1...

Me: remember "The Hungry Caterpillar"?
Little One: yes
me: what does it become?
Little One: fat!
Me : ... ( Not entirely wrong , just that I did not expect such an answer)

6. Funny conversation with gal part 2...

Little One: Guess what's in my hand.
me: Can you give me a clue?
Little One: What is a clue?
me : Remember you asked me to guess your friend's name? You gave me a clue. It starts with "Cl"...
Little One : Ok. This is not a clue.
me: ... (Now , I am still clueless)

7. Funny conversation with gal part 3...

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Little One: Cooker!
Me: (burst out laughing and teasing her) Sorry, do you mean "rice cooker"?
Little One: Yeah!
(Apparently, she forgot what is a rice cooker)

8. Funny conversation with gal part 4...

We were doing some reading.
Me: What does a person who deliver post is known as?
Little One: Poster!
(I think she figured out that a teacher teaches, a baker bakes, a cooker cooks and so a poster posts but failed to realise that poster post something online but does not deliver a post.)

9. A random question on death

Me: What would you do if I die?
Little One bows with her palms together: "Bai Bai" (refering to paying respects to the dead.)

10. Little One told me one day that the Mermaid was created because the Merlion married a human.  *Faintz* (Where did she learn that from?)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Explore Collyer Quay -Modified Social Benches

We saw these cute benches on our walk along Colley Quay from Clifford Pier last year. They were designed by Jeppe Hein.

 On a closer look (at the desciption plaque on the top right corner of the bench), I discovered there are 10 modified benches around. We decided to explore only in April. We found only 8 benches. We discovered the last 2 benches only recently.

What would you do if you see such benches around? Some are so weird that sitting on it seemed impossible. Try some funny poses!

The following are not named in order.
Bench 1
Bench 2

Bench 3

Bench 4

Bench 5
Bench 6

Bench 7

Bench 8 - This has to be Little One's favorite. She had been sliding on it over and over agai.
Bench 9

Bench 10 - probably inspired the most poses for Little One. She even tried to leap frog but crawl over instead.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Blast from the Past #3 - The Forgotten Well of Chinatown

Do you know of a water well that is preserved in Chinatown? If you don't, probably it is truly forgotten. Well, I don't. This is at the foot of Ann Siang Hill Park. It is located pretty near to the backlane of a row of shophouses. It is believe to be a century old.


This scene was common during the olden days/
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

First exposure to SEA Games Archery

I must confess I know nuts about archery. However, hubby gave Little One a toy bow and she has been practicing her shots ever since she had it. That somehow sparks her interest in archery. When I told her that Archery is one of the games in SEA games, she had been asking me to bring her to the matches. Her wish was granted yesterday.

I have not chose to watch any of the paid games because I am not sure whether Little One had the patience to stay on. Fortunately, admission to watch this sport is free. Archery is a short game lasting within 10 to 15 minutes each which I think is short enough just in case Little One decided to leave for somewhere else. The matches that was scheduled yesterday were using recurve bow which is the only type of bow allowed in Olympic.We wanted to support the Singapore team but we could only came after lunch. We arrived only managed to see the last part of the second last match although we were half an hour earlier than the scheduled time at 4pm. Singapore archer Tan Si Lie won that match.

Appearance of Nila

We stayed to watch the final for the Men's Individual Recurve as well the Victory Ceremony.

Final for the Men's Individual Recurve

Victory ceremony

If you are keen to watch archery, come today to Kallang Cricket Field. They will be using the compound bows.
Compound Bow

Come earlier in case the matches starts earlier. Also, security checks will be conducted.

Nearest MRT station: Mounbatten
Walk towards Kallang MacDonald's and KFC. The field is just next to KFC.

More information:

The only type of bow allowed in the Olympic competition. It is also known as a Classic Bow.

In the individual recurve, recurve team (3 Men or 3 Women per team) and Mixed team (1 Woman and 1 Men) events, all shots in Qualification Round and Elimination Rounds are taken from a distance of 70m with 122cm target face, with a maximum of ten (10) points per arrow. 

The set system is used in the elimination rounds right up to the final matches for recurve events only. Two (2) set points is being awarded to the archer/team with higher scores per set, while the losing archer/team does not get any. In the event both archery/team are tied at the set, both would be awarded with one (1) set point each. In the individual event, there is a total of five (5) sets, however the first archer to reach six (6) or more set points shall be declared as the winner, without having to complete all five (5) sets. In the team events, there is a total of four (4) sets, the first team to reach 5 or more set points shall be declared as the winner of the match.


This bow has pulleys and cables to make the holding weight less than half of the draw weight.

In the individual compound, compound team (3 Men or 3 Women per team) and Mix team (1 Woman and 1 Men) events, all shots in Qualification Round and Elimination Rounds are taken from a distance of 50m with 80cm, 6-ring target face, and a maximum of ten (10) points per arrow. 

The set system does not apply to the compound events. All the arrow values shall be added towards the score of the archer/team in the eliminations. The archer/team with the highest cumulative score shall be declared as the winner of the match.

quoted from source: SEA Games 2015 website

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Explore the Back Lane of Chinatown - Duxton Plain Park

We went exploring this part of the Duxton Plain Park because I learnt a keramat is located here. There are 2 parts of the park. This area is located between 2 rows of shop houses, further from the Pinnacle @ Duxton.

From the back view, this looked more residential than any thing else. Who would have guess this are shophouses if I don't say so
This set of houses looked almost the same as above. Wonder what is the use of  the "ladder- like" structure.
I particularly love this door for some reasons.
 As we were admiring the houses, we saw these...

This is the first time we saw a brood of family chicken, (The rooster is pretty "camera shy". I only managed to capture him in one shot.) We saw before roosters and hens in other areas of urban Singapore but it is the first time we saw chicks running around wild.

Probably, it is the hen who look after the chicks in this family.

Little One following the chickens around. She had been instructed not to chase them
As we walked further, we saw the keramat. It is said to be the keramat of Sharifah Rogayah (the grand-daughter of Habib Noh). The existence of her keramat was said to have been revealed to a young boy in his dream, where Habib Noh appeared and told him to look for his grand-daughter. The boy traced the dream to this location and has been looking after the shrine since then.

Love the winding stairs and the duo colours of the blocks


Lovely panels and a sculpture of a horse

A big piece of fungi too but I can't identify it.

The back of Kong Chow Association Singapore
I love the red windows against the white walls.
In the past, shophouses were built back to back, night soil buckets (there were no flush toilets then) had to be carried from the back of the house through the hall to the front of the shophouses. Imagine how unhygienic it was then, so under the back lane order, the back lanes were constructed so as to facilitate the collection of night soil as well as to create a more hygienic environment.

Now that we have flush toilets, it is even more hygienic. Although, we do not get to see the night soil man any more but walking in the backlane such as this has unexpected surprises as above. I wonder whether other back lanes are just as fun.

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