Friday, January 15, 2016

Foodie Read : Sherlock Sam and the Obento Bonanza in Tokyo

It is not surprising that food is featured in Sherlock Sam series. From book 1, Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong, we already know the leading character, Sherlock, loves to eat and in fact, the first few books, he would think about some delicious food and where to get them. Eg. Chin Mei Chin, a confectionery shop, was described in book 1. Sherlock Sam is a 10 year old child detective with a great analyzing brain which help him solved mystery after mystery. Of course, his Supper Club help him out too. Together, they solved a series of mysteries around places in Singapore and occasionally overseas.

Since the book 9, Sherlock Sam and the Obento Bonanza in Tokyo, is available in the library. I had to wait for about 2 months before I finally managed to lay my hands on it. It was always on loan or even reserved. This just show how popular Sherlock Sam is. In this new book, Inspector Lestrade and Interpol have a mystery for the Supper Club to unravel. Mona Sumi, a very famous animator was being kidnapped. The kidnappers left a complicated clue that the Inspector found weird and hence seek help from the Supper Club. Little, did they know that the clue was an obento. What's worse, Sherlock ate the obento up before the rest of the Supper Club sees it. How would the Supper Club solve the mystery now without the obento? Will they be able rescue Mona Sumi? After this obento was being eaten up, more obentos appear around various stations in Tokyo. Would these obento lead the Supper Club to the Mono Sumi?

I had read through all the Sherlock Sam's stories by A. J. Low and the best one I find is The Fiendish Mastermind Trilogy, which are book 6-8. I was expecting more intense mystery for this book but unfortunately I think it was not delivered. However, the good part I got to learn more Japanese words and I am tempted to do some obento myself. The description of the obentos are so delicate and pretty.

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  1. Fun! I bet my boys would love this series!

  2. Thanks for the review, it helps when I am looking for gifts for all the greats.

  3. This sounds so beautiful and quirky! It's on my list for my grand-kids..and that's a few years away! Obento, do you make these lunch boxes?

    1. It is not necessary in my case. But I am tempted to prepare 1 for lunch! I'll see how it goes. Probably not as fantastic as those described in books! hahaha..

  4. This looks like such a fun series. Love that he loves to eat! ;-)


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