Thursday, January 21, 2016

Making a bookmark - Flower Pressing

Fancy some pressed flower bookmarks?

Flower pressing is pretty simple. 
Choose small flowers or leaves, preferable the brightly coloured ones.
You will need an unwanted thick book, preferable a phone book, so that in case you stain the page, you can just tear away the pages. 

How to arrange? 
Slot a few pieces of paper towels on the last few pages of the book.
Arrange the flowers or leaves at least about an inch away from each other on the paper towel.
Close the book. 
Check after a week. 
If there is stain, you can throw away the paper towels and change a new one and press the flowers again for a week. Repeat if necessary.

However, I think this kind of pressing is not suitable for big flowers. I had tried once. They turned very brown and brittle.

Below are the bookmarks I made using scrapbook materials and dried flowers. 
If you have laminating machine, I guess you can just laminate your bookmark. 
In my case, I just paste contact paper over and trim if necessary.
Punch a hole and tie with a ribbon.

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