Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Playground at Open Farm Community

Open Farm Community is located at Dempsey Hill and has a farm-to-table eating philosophy which I like. Hence, I brought Little One to join a farm tour which was supposed to held there last weekend but the guide did not turn up. We were not the only group, there was another family who came.  No one on the farm or restaurant seemed to know what was happening although one of the farmers gave a call to the gardener. It was pretty disappointing as Little One wanted to learn more about the farm and the food we could grow in our HDB flat. We went about exploring the grounds ourselves and chance upon this playground. It was rather unique as it was made of wood. The cow is actually a slide while the pig is some sort of climbing structure. There are sand toys on the sand and there is a sand pit further back. Unfortunately, it had rained earlier, Hence, Little One could not play in it. We waited for 20 minutes from the stated time and still there was no sight of the guide and hence we left thereafter.

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  1. Seems this is an interesting place to visit with kids.I'd love to visit...

  2. Ah yes I've been wanting to visit for this playground too. Such a shame the guide didn't show up!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  3. The playground is so cute!! Will have to bring the youngest there one day


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