Sunday, January 3, 2016

Farewell 2015, Welcome 2016

Happy New Year, everyone!

I know I am very late in posting! Still, I must thank you for all your time and patience reading my posts. My blog had an average of 3.4K page view per month last year.

I am not too sure whether 2015 is a good one or bad. Our 1st Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew had passed away in March and there were terrorist attacks around the world. Nevertheless, there were also heart warming moments. I hope for peace on Earth!

My progress

Last year, I was a SAHM, I believe this year would be the same. I hope I can find a part time job, now that Little One is in Primary School. (see below subject)

Last year, I managed to keep my temper under control most of the times and not burst unnecessarily at Little One. Learning to be patience was one of my goals. This year, I will maintain it.

I picked up new skills - such as floral arrangement and book binding. I explored other skills too to see whether I like them. Thanks to library, most of these programmes are free.

I went to new places such as Sime Road (WW2 significance by Jon Cooper), Sembawang (monument and heritage by Sembawang Sec) and Chong Pang (food) mostly by myself because Little One is not into trails. I had learnt quite a bit of history from the  The hardest one had to be the one during the Jubilee Holiday, a 20.5km from Kranji MRT all the way to Bukit Brown. Most privileged one is going for the tour at National Library whereby we get to see the Rare Collection. The most amazing and scenic I think are the tours of Fullerton Hotel, Sisters' Islands and Raffles Lighthouse.

New Major Milestone - P1

Another year had gone and Little One would be in Primary One this year. We will be all entering a new phrase of our life next year when she starts her formal education. I wonder how she would fare?

Another thing, school fees is free . We only need to pay for miscellaneous fees (1st tier and 2nd tier) which adds up to $13 per month. That is a lot cheaper than childcare or even kindergarten fee. We can say our finance will be less tight.

Little One's progress
The concept of money is more or less enforced. She had started buying stuff herself although sometimes she counted her money wrongly, I am not very worried. Worst case scenario is pay $1 for every thing she buys!

She had mastered some Han Yu Pin Yin but not all. I think that's ok.

Last year, I hope I can make her a more responsible child who is capable of taking care of her own things but I think I did not do a good enough job. She does not keep after she finished her work or game. This year, I am more determined to teach her to be one.

She is more articulate now. Her command of English is definitely better than I was when I was her age! However, she does not like Chinese which came as a surprise to me because she came from a Chinese spoken family. We seldom speak English to her except when we are reading English storybooks. Last year, I read plenty of English storybooks but seldom Chinese ones. This year, I think I should read more Chinese books to her.

She had archived several milestones this year too. She managed to climb high up in climbing web structures in playground. That I think is a major milestone. I hope this year we are more physically active.

This year, I exposed her to more cultural related activities, such as Amezaiku, and Clans Assosiations.
We also went down to the SEA games to support our archery team!

Blog's progress

All time favorite award still goes to...

Chinese White Honeycomb cake (Bak Tong Gou, 白糖糕) and Steamed Rice Cake (松糕 )
It had never come down since the day the post became the top post. I promise I will not talk about this post  in my wrap up post ever again unless I found them selling somewhere else and worth raving about. This cake is simple to do but required long waiting time, Each time I make, I wait faithfully for about 6 hours. If you want to purchase it in Singapore, it is not that commonly sold. So far, I only found these cakes selling in Telok Blangah Heights.

Top 5 post of 2015
These are selected based on total page views.

5. Little One @ Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
This Children's Garden is located within the Singapore Botanic Gardens which was awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site on 4th July 2015. This Children's Garden is made for kids, adult cannot enter without a child by his/her side! Waterplay, tree house playground, maze! Loads of fun is guranteed in the Garden!

4. Little One @ Cantonese Clan Associations Open House Part 1
We learnt more about clans and lion dances during the Singapore Heritage Festival. This post is about Hok San Associations.

This lion head is about 80 years old and weighs about 5 kg ! (one of the heaviest)

3. Chinese Paper Cutting
This post is very apt for Chinese New Year. Tips were given.

Another park made it to the top 5 posts. This park is very serene. If you love to plant, this park gives you ideas how you can decorate your home with plants! This park has a few playgrounds suitable for various ages!

And No. 1 goes to...
This is the only water playground which I blog last year and it is the most view 2015 post I had submitted! Sad to say, I have not brought Little One there after that one and only trip because it is not very convenient. 

Noted this year 3 of the posts are parks and playground related. I do not think I will blog more on playgrounds this year. I will probably keep updating enthusiastically on my facebook page. Do look out for it!

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