Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Settling into second week

Little One is settling down on the second week. The weekly routine had officially kicked off last Thursday. By the second week, she had entered her full routine in school. For the first time, she had her flag raising ceremony at the parade square together with the whole school. I saw her hesitation when she was told to proceed to the parade square for the first time. She turned to look back several times. I had to wave her off.

Also for the first time, she had spelling and it will be a weekly affair. Her Chinese spelling consist a mixture of both Han Yu Pin Yin and Chinese character.

As her Chinese textbook were submitted to school on the first week, I was surprised Little One kept telling me day after day to bring the textbook to school. In the end, I message her form teacher to enquire. Only then I realised they have a corner of the classrooms to put their Chinese textbooks and they were to bring the textbook to the class every lesson. I also found out Little One did not know that she had to take the book from there for Chinese class although she did see some children taking books from that corner.

Little One starts to bring lunch box for tea break. As it was just 15 minutes break, I do not need to pack much. Either bread, sandwich or fruits will do. As her adult teeth are emerging and yet her milk teeth are not falling out. Hence, I packed fruits that she could bite. Hopefully, they would help the teeth to drop. Perhaps due to the pain when biting, she finds ways to get rid of the fruits. Yes, she would be sharing out the fruits with friends.

Do you have other ideas to share to help the milk teeth drop?

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