Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Using the mobile charging machine

In one of my post, I posted on the discovery of a phone charging machine in the library. Recently, I get to use it in Pasir Ris Public Library. It is simple to use. After scanning your identification, you get to choose by touching the screen which locker you want to use. (as above) These will be in green. Those in red are already in use and hence unavailable. After which the door of the chosen locker will pop open. You will be able to choose a suitable charging cable for your phone. After that, close the door of the locker and that will do. I retrieved the handphone after charging for 45 minutes. The handphone can be retrieved after scanning your identification and choosing the correct locker. The only disappointment is that despite charging for 45 minutes, the battery life only increased 10% which I think is too slow. I wonder whether it is because I plug in the wrong cable or because the machine is faulty. Anyway, if I get the chance to use another one, I think I will know the answer.

Update 18 Feb2016: 
I tried charging at Queenstown Library as I was attending a programme. A mere plug in of about 2.5hr, it charged about 65%. I think this is more acceptable than my last try mentioned above.

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