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Treasure SG Photowalk - Aug '15

Treasure Hunters, heads up! Heard of Treasure SG? Well, I have. In fact, I have been following since May and tried to hunt for the treasure which is actually special coins hidden in various location. Read below rules for information. So far, I have not been able to guess the locations of the coins. Possibly because the clues are pretty hard! Then I stumbled upon Peatix that Treasure SG is conducting  photowalk around one of the iconic locations in Singapore! We get to explore the vicinity, discover the history behind, capture some nice photos, and get to know more people or fellow treasure hunters in the meantime! Ha~~! Venue is a secret but we would be notified towards nearer to the date of photowalk! Great opportunity~ I won't miss it! And guess the secret venue?

Credit : Treasure SG
"Treasure SG is a nationwide treasure hunt that will take place throughout year 2015 in celebration of SG50. Every month, treasures will be drop around Singapore at different locations, with clues being release on Treasure SG Facebook Page & Instagram. Following these clues, participants can go around Singapore to hunt for treasures and stand a chance to win attractive prizes. There will also be monthly online contests for participants to win prizes as well!"
Rules of Treasure Hunts
  1. Treasures in the form of coins will be hidden around various locations in Singapore. There will be 3 - 10 silver coins and 1 gold coin hidden monthly.
  2. Clues to these locations will be drop on Treasure SG Facebook Page and Instagram. Participants are encouraged to be a fan of both social media in order to be aware of the clues when they are release.
  3. Participants will have to solve the clues and go down to the locations in order to look for the hidden coins.
  4. Finders of the silver coins will get to win a consolation prize (vary every month), provided that they fulfil all the necessary conditions.
  5. Finder of the gold coin will get to win the monthly grand prize (top prize worth a minimum of $300, vary every month too), provided that he/she fulfils all the necessary conditions.
  6. Finders of the coins can get to keep the coins located as memento for participating in Treasure SG, once the whole event has ended.
  7. Finders of the coins are required to fulfill these necessary conditions:
i)     Take a Selfie with the coin at the location where the coin is found
ii)    Post the photo on Treasure SG Facebook Page or Instagram with #treasuresg or send the photo via email to
iii)   The above must be done within 1hr when the coin is located
iv)   Submit an online form indicating their particulars, as well as fulfill any other necessary mechanics if applicable

The Secret Venue

Take a look at the below photo for clue.
Fishing at the River.
Errmmm.... Excuse me, Ah Boy ah, your fishing rod is broken!
After an ice breaking introduction of ourselves and how we got to know about this event, we were asked to form into groups of 9 and we were given a piece of paper to "hunt down" a list of pictures and upload onto instagram, hash-tagging Treasure SG as well as our group name. A group of winners would be selected based on the number of correct photos submitted. Creativity will be considered should there be no clear winners. Winners would walk away with a bag of old school goodies!
Sir Stamford Raffles who founded Singapore

I was the only local around in my team, which surprised me because a couple of them looked more local than I do... haha~ I brought my team around searching for sculptures and statues. Yes, majority on the list is about the sculptures which I had blogged about sometime ago but I must admit there are parts of the Singapore River which I am not familiar with. The rest listed are Rainbow Building, Singapore Playgrounds, Oldest Bridge in Singapore ,the location of First Bridge over Singapore River and Love Locks. It was pretty easy to find the answers if you were to google. My group is a fun loving group and the photos were fantastic. I was glad to know them and we enjoyed ourselves very much.
Singapore River

Although this was not a guided tour, but we got to learn some facts about the Singapore River. Initially, we were confused about the oldest bridge and the first bridge because literally, aren't they the same bridge? Yes, they should be the same bridge but according to Google, we found the Oldest Bridge to be Cavenagh Bridge (1868) but the First Bridge is Elgin Bridge (1929)  Elgin Bridge has the year of construction listed below the bridge's name. Hey, that's strange ! And wait a minute! Notice the years they were built? Shouldn't the first bridge Cavenagh Bridge since it was built in 1868? Further reading mentioned that the current location where Elgin Bridge is located is where the first bridge was being built. Prior to the construction of the current bridge. It was a footbridge which was replaced by a wooden drawbridge (also known as Monkey Bridge) in 1822. Then, the bridge was demolished and a wooden footbridge replaced it. Finally, this was also demolished and replaced by the current existing bridge. Glad to be here and learnt something new.

If you wanna see the instagram photowalk we had yesterday, check this out!

My thoughts
It is also because of this photowalk, I noted a lot of people from other countries are pretty interested in our heritage. I have met Malaysians during the walking trail in Singapore Heritage Festival as well. Some of them I spoke to told me that their own countries had not been preserving their heritage well. I, myself , think that although Singapore had been preserving quite a number of important heritage. I think she could do better in preserving places such as Bukit Brown, Pulau Ubin and even the last kampong in mainland Singapore such as Lorong Buangkok. I do find it a pity if these were lost.

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