Friday, August 28, 2015

Book of the month: 冰雪公主 The Snow Princess

Have you noticed I seldom introduce Chinese books in my blog? One of the very reason is that Little One speaks Chinese at home and I think it is better to brush up her English by borrowing or buying more English books. This month, however, I would like to introduce a Chinese book ,another favorite bedtime story which Little One likes, titled 冰雪公主. This is a Chinese storybook which I had bought from Grassroots Book Room. A personal favorite of mine when I want to search for Chinese books for Little One as it sells mainly Chinese books. This book was chosen by Little One herself. Tell me which girl does not like princesses? 


埃米莉·霍金斯著 ; 丽莎·埃文斯绘 ; 霍霍译.This book, I find, suitable for pre-schoolers and lower primary. It is actually translated from the English version, The Snow Princess by Emily Hawkins, illustrated by Lisa Evans.

Cursed with a fragile heart of ice, a young princess was sent to live alone in a snow palace. One prince after another tried to save the princess and win her hand in marriage, but every one of them failed. It was only when she started to appreciate the love and friendship right under her nose that the princess found the power to break the curse.


Personally, I like the story. Although the starting was pretty sad to know that the young princess had to live in a cold palace at the top of the mountain all by herself. But hope and love is always within reach.  That is the morale of the story. This is one of Little One's favorite. Otherwise she will not keep asking me to repeat the story night after night.

What I like about this story is also the illustrations. They are beautiful. It is no wonder that it captures Little One's attention when she first saw it. You may want to take a peep here for the illustrations. This is not the first time we were exposed to the illustrator's work. We read The Nutcracker by Emma Goldhawk earlier this year which was also illustrated by Lisa Evans.

The book is rather textured, very similar to some textured book you see in baby books. Almost all the pages have some textured features. I am referring to the snowflakes, flowers , vines. It seemed that the Spot UV technique is used but I can't be sure. For the cover, a coarser texture is used. It looked like sparkled glue is used but it is not. haha... it seemed that the book made me very interested to know how the textures are done.

If you are interested in reading the book, you may want to check with Grassroots. Otherwise, you may want to borrow from the library. I may try to borrow the English version. :)

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