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Library Hop #6 - Let's hop to Ang Mo Kio Public Library

I have visited Ang Mo Kio library a couple of times for craft sessions but have not really explored the library until recently. The library is a stand alone library with very few amenities around. The MRT station is quite a distance from the MRT station. (About 15 to 20 miniutes walk) There is no shelter and not many buildings near the library, it can get pretty hot walking from the MRT station. Many times, I prefer to take a bus instead.

Covering an area of 4,277 square metres, the library spans two levels in an isolated building of its own. Ang Mo Kio Public Library was officially opened on 17 August 1985 by Mr Yeo Toon Chia, Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio Constituency. It was closed in April 2002 for upgrading and officially re-opened on 25 January 2003 by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister of State for National Development.

The name Ang Mo Kio is synonymous with phrases in the Hokkien dialect which either relates it as the "Red Tomato", or the "Bridge of the Caucasian".
Can you spot the Ang Mo Kio here? These paintings are found on the ceiling outside the library.

On level 1, it is mainly the Children's collection and Adult's English Fiction collection. If you need books on Parenting and Family matters, they can be found here too.  Programmes are usually conducted in the Programme Zone which is located at this level. If you find yourself hungry or thirsty, you may want to pop by the Cafe Galilee next to it.
Programme Zone

The special collection of this library is the wide Tamil Collections which is located at Level 2. Ang Mo Kio Public Library carries one of the most comprehensive and varied collection of print and non-print materials in Tamil among the public libraries. This includes fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, and newspapers.
Entrance to the Tamil Collection. Look at the pillars! Don't they look Indian?
Such magnificent set of chess and sculptures! 
Also, on the second level are the adult Non - fiction books. I find that the books are categorised in an organised way. At one glance at the information provided next to each shelves, you would know which shelves to head to to hunt for the books that you need. I was looking for recipes then.

Back to the Children's collection at Level One. Look at what I have found! These shelves of
books are particularly useful for children who are taking Chinese are their second language.
Hanyu Pinyin books are Chinese-English Bilingual books are found here. I knew other libraries offered these books as well but they are not categorized in such eye-catching way for library goers to find them easily.

All in all, if you are looking for Tamil books or in a rush to grab some Chinese -English bilingual books, this is probably the library for you.

Books recommendation

I would be introducing 3 interesting books in this post. 2 are related to ballet while the last one is related to family tie.

1) Ella Bella Ballerina and Swan Lake / James Mayhew

2) Ella Bella Ballerina and The Nutcracker / James Mayhew

Reason for choosing the books
If your child loves ballet, the books I am going to recommend today should be able to entertain her well enough, especially these two a famous ballet pieces.

Synopsis: - For both stories, Ella Bella drifted/ transported into the world of both famous ballet scenes. In Swan Lake, she met Odette and tried to unite her with her prince.
In Nutcracker, she joined Clara to fight against the evil mouse king.
On the last page book, young readers would learn about the origins of each ballet.

Although the stories are probably nothing new to me but definitely a great introduction to little girls who loves ballet. Both books are beautifully illustrated , Little One loves them very much and we are looking forward to borrow new titles!

Trixie Ten / Sarah Massini
Synopsis: - Trixie finds her 9 siblings too noisy and decides to leave home.  After she leaves home, she discovers other animals with plenty of siblings too. She misses home thereafter.

Reason for choosing the book:
From the book cover, you realised that Trixie is a fingerprint. Not surprising, her siblings are all fingerprints. Even the animals that she met are made from fingerprints! It gives you an idea of creating art pieces made of fingerprints.

The book has various illustrations which are good for young readers who are learning to count. 

The book is also good to instill that family ties are important regardless they are annoying or not, they care about one another.



4300 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
Singapore 569842

24-hour Bookdrop

How to get there

Nearest MRT: Ang Mo Kio
Bus Interchange: Ang Mo Kio
Buses: 13, 86, 162, 138, 851, 852, 853


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