Friday, July 31, 2015

Book set of the month: Folk & Fairy Tale Easy Readers (Scholastic)

This month, Little One choose to have this set of readers for bed time story. There are 15 stories to choose  from including the popular "Cinderella", "The Gingerbread Man" and " The Three Little Pigs" .  There are also folktales which I have not heard before such as "The Stone Soup", "The Nightingale" and "The Spider and the Beehive".

Each story  is 16 pages long with illustrations, They are graded in levels of difficulty from 'E-I', 
("E" being the simplest while "I "being the hardest). 

What I like about this set is they are relatively short and perfect for bedtime story especially when I am tired. Either the girl or I would  one pick book and I would read for her. Sometimes, she would read to me instead. When we are both not tired. We would read 1 or 2 books to each other.

I particularly love the folktales which teaches moral and values. One particular one is the story "The Spider and the Beehive" which teaches one not to be greedy and to be nice to people.

If you intend to get some readers for your pre-schoolers. This set is suitable for kindergarten children.
I've got mine in Popular sometime ago. It is not in stock now. You may want to get from Amazon or Scholastic. 

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