Friday, April 17, 2015

Mom, I can't hear you properly...

I guess that statement from a kid would have send many parents scurrying to the doctor. If only Little One had said this to me, I would have brought her to the doctor sooner.

Early this year, Little One complained she heard weird sounds. She kept tagging her ears. She said she could hear better when she did that. Then, I noticed when I tried speaking to her, she does not seemed to hear me unless I raised my voice. Initially, I thought nothing of it and thought that she was too engrossed in the things she was doing. However, the frequency increased to a point it worried us. Hence, we brought her to the polyclinic for a diagnosis.

After looking into her ear with an otoscope, the doctor declared that she had accumulation of dried ear waxes which blocked both her ear canals.

The doctor advise that a few drips of olive oil over a period of time would do the trick. All I need to do is to make her lie on the bed or sofa and drip those drops twice a day into both ears and it should clear out her waxes in a few weeks time. The doctor asked whether we used cotton buds on her ears. We never really do that because we think her ears are too small to handle cotton buds.  He told me this ear wax accumulation is a rather common problem. I am not very sure about that because both my hubby and I did not have that issue. Neither does our family members.

After a few weeks we used up the olive oil the doctor prescribed and still there was no improvement to Little One's hearing. We went to the same polyclinic. This time it was another doctor. He said that the waxes were still relatively dry and suggested that we do a syringing. I was pretty nervous because I need to sign documents for the procedure to be done. I was worrying whether the procedure would hurt. Ear dums are pretty sensitive, you know?

We waited anxiously for the procedure. Despite that I was worried, I had to reassure Little One that it was  just water going into her ears, Nothing to worry. Little One sat patiently and did not fidget. The doctor syringed and washed out lots of earwax. I did not know that her little ears could contain so much waxes. At some point of time, the doctor wanted to give up because some of the waxes were so stubborn and did not dislodged. He decided to give the ear a rest and syringed the other one before coming back to it. After the last piece of wax was off, it was truly a relief. I asked Little One whether she could hear clearly then, she nodded happily. We were given another bottle of olive oil. The doctor suggested to drip some drops into the ear weekly and the oil has to remain in the ears for 10 minutes before cleaning off. So far, Little One has been hearing quite well. I hope the problem will not come back.

If you are checking on my post because you or a relative had similar symptoms, please do consult your doctor for advice. We were lucky that it was just earwax. It could be something worse.

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