Monday, May 12, 2008

Young Love Nowadays

Remember the colleague I mentioned in Generation Gap? She showed me her photo on her handphone today. It is just shadows. From the shadows, I can see that one of them is her, the other is a guy. So I asked her whether he is the one whom she talked about the last time. I thought they were finally together. To my surprise, she answered that this is her long time boyfriend !!! Out of reflex, I just uttered, "You have to be loyal! You have to be loyal to your partner!" She told me she does not intend to get married.

Sigh... I do not know why and could not understand why the younger generation now behaves in this manner. I thought once you found a partner, you should stay loyal?
Is the society changing too fast that I can't catch up? Is there peer pressure that one should have lots of partners? Or is there just too much heartbreakers around that we have to have more than one partner so that we feel more secure? Regardless what the reason is, not getting married is certainly not an excuse for having multiple partners.

I do not know what she is thinking and how many people think like her.
However, I always feel if I were to treat my partner right, he will return the favour. If he does not, it's time to move on. I don't think I have the heart to break his heart. Just cringe at the thought of how he will feel when he finds out if I ever two-timed him. It would simply break his heart into pieces. No, two timing is never an option for me! One thing for sure, if you treat someone badly, you do not expect nice treatment from the other party.

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