Monday, May 12, 2008

Dangerous Bus rides

Was taking bus 198 home today. Everything was as usual when suddenly the bus braked to a stop. A woman in her forties fell to the ground. The lucky thing was that she did not knocked her head on the floor although she fell backwards to the ground near to me. There were some commotions. An uncle started scolding the Indian bus driver for not apologising for the sudden brake. He said this was murderous and a lot of nasty things. He did not sound nice but I agree with his point of view, if the driver has to brake suddenly, he should at least apologise and take a look at the victim to ensure that she is all right. The situation may be worse if the victim had been an elderly. However, the driver did not do anything, not even enquire whether the victim is ok. He did not bother to check and just drove the bus silently.

This is the second time I witness victim falling during a bus ride. The first time, a few months back, was rather serious as the victim seemed to have fallen from the stairs to the 1st level and knocked her head on the floor. There were lots of commotions. A lot of people rushed to the victim including the driver to ensure she is alright. *It's rather heart warming to see people who cares* We were told not to help the victim up as she knocked her head. She managed to pick herself up but I think she must have a big bump as there was a loud thud when she fell. She was told to see the doctor. *I just hope that she is alright. *

Today, this dangerous and simply bo chap driver reminds me of another driver whom I encountered. I was scanning my EZ link card on the machine. The driver suddenly boomed in a loud voice, "HELLO, SCAN YOUR CARD!" I was scared stiff. Only to realise later that he was talking to the guy in front of me. The guy scanned the card and walked off. I wonder whether it is neccessary to speak in such a loud voice. Imagine, the guy was in front of me and yet I did not notice whether did he scan his card. * I was in a auto-pilot mode* If I were to be caught not scanning my card because I am in my auto-pilot made , I may feel insulted by his loud voice and language as I did not do that in purpose. I think drivers should speak poliltely to passengers. We are after all, the customers. He could say something like" Excuse Me, Sir (or Mdm), you have forgotten to scan your card" At least this sounds better than "SCAN YOUR CARD".

For all bus drivers, I am not trying to find fault at your driving but I hope to have much pleasant and comfortable rides in future and not to feel bad after taking a bus ride.

Please do consider the following:-
1) Please drives carefully.
2) If you have to brake because you have to avoid careless drivers, pls check that you do not have any injured victims on your bus. If someone had fallen, at least show some concern for them by asking whether they are alright.
3) Speak to customers in a nicer way. (This will prevent road/ bus rage as well. People in bad mood tend to react nastily towards someone who speaks to them in a harsh way)

We are your customers and we expect to have good services on your bus. Please do not leave us feeling so uncomfortable or fearful of taking your buses.

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