Thursday, May 15, 2008

Permits Permits Permits- They are driving me crazy

Sigh! It's a bad day! Was bothered by the permits issue. I have nothing to describe my feelings now, except sickening.

My customer needs CEPT Form D and has to apply for them based on the contract.
The particular shipment involved was a month ago. I need to apply 2 sets of Form D as there are 2 country of origin applicable for this shipment.

The first set was approved *but I had having problem with it later, see below* as I applied quite early after receipt of Form D from my supplier A.

It is the second set is the one that is giving me problems. The cargo arrive at my warehouse slightly more than a month ago and only recent we receive the Form D from supplier B. So we only apply for the back to back Form D this week via one of the agent who can do such Form D application.

Custom query why this set of goods was submitted so late when since shipment should have done about a month ago. I would face penalty for late declaration. I told the agent I have the export permit declared for this item. Then, she said this is not allowed as we cannot have 2 sets of export permits for the same shipment. We have to cancel one of them and re-apply new set at additional cost. *Ok, fine with it* I send over my permit to the agent. The Form D that I applied for goods from supplier A has to be cancel and re-apply too due to this reason. Sianz liao... more money must be dump in.

Then, comes the second issue. This item I am applying has a different HS code. The export permit is having a different HS code from the Form D from supplier B.

Omg, this will be big problem as custom definitely will request for the HS Code of the export permit to change so as to tally with the Form D from supplier B. Now that export permit is expired, we cannot change or do anything to it. Any way, I am told to call the Customs.

The people from Customs makes more query : whether this permit was utilised. How do I know? Customs says as long as it is being used for application it is considered as utilised. Only then, I recalled the agent ever mentioned whether the permit is magnifested. What is that? btw, I have no idea. I did not do any thing to my permit if you asked me. Later, I've got to know that to manifest is to be recorded in a ship's list of the cargo carried by a ship, made for the use of various agents and officials at the ports of destination. Ho ho! I guess, this permit should have been manifested since shipment was a month ago. The thing is when I ask my haulier, she does not seem to know. Sianz! So, can anybody else tell me whether it is being utilised or not? There are so many terms they told me but I do not understand. I think I may need a course on this, Is there one?

Anyway, the main issue now is the documents are containing different HS Code and hence, have to write in letter to custom for help. Sigh! Had already spend lots of money to and fro. Now feeling the pressure as the deadline to submit to customer is actually this Friday. But they are extending to next Tuesday. Monday is public holiday in Singapore, it is as good as saying I have to submit by Friday, by hook or by crook. Otherwise have to face penalty. Super Sianz!!!

So, it's a situation whereby whether you supply the Form D or not, additional money has to be dump in. If you asked me why the stats were not checked in the place? I can tell you. I learn on the job, have never attended any courses on trading and exports.
I do not know the importance of permits. I thought it is just a simple paperwork to inform custom that goods are imported in and exported out of country.
Never did I know, permits are very important. There were many different types of permits. So many information in that piece of paper. Think I desparately needs a course on it. Otherwise, I will be dead meat again!

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