Sunday, May 5, 2013

Daze without Hubby - Day 11 - Missing him day

A little note to my Darling...
Darling, I have been missing you...I know it is still a week plus to go and I know you have been missing me.

A home without you is not very much the same. Everyday, I kept worrying about going off work on time because I had no one else to rely on. The house is... err... slightly messier than before. It is really hard to cope single-handedly our daily needed routine, doing chores, spending time with little one and educating her. After dinner and bathing, the time left is only 0.5 -1.5hr. Hence, I put priority spending time with her and the rest just take a back seat. However, little one has been helping out tidying the house. Although it's still not neat enough but she is learning. 

Recently, her favorite food had been soft boiled eggs. She had been requesting that so frequently that I lost count how many exactly she has eaten this week! Her teacher praised her for being more talkative. She was so quiet before.

As for me, I have been turning into she-hulk more frequently as little one can be quite stubborn and would not admit that she is wrong (although I have tried to explain , then ignore her tantrum-throwing, whatever tactics that was mentioned in the web) It is only the cane works. Although it is very much against my will, I have to use it to threaten her. I felt very much like my mama in her younger days. So this is probably retribution? heheh...

Yes, Darling, I will be waiting here for your safe return. Let's do continue to Wadsapp and send photos from that media.

See you soon!

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