Saturday, May 4, 2013

Daze without Hubby - Day 10 - Old school day

We have been playing old school games today. Remember paper dolls? We are playing with sticker dolls instead.
They works almost the same way. We get to change clothes every time but you get to stick them everywhere! Probably help my girl develop a fashion sense!

We also played with plane chess game, a very old school game. whereby the first player to get all his/her planes (total 4 no) home, is the winner of the game.

I love love particularly to play with this. Not just that it makes me remember the good old times, it also help my girl to learn.
She learns to:-
-count , be it the number of steps or the number on the dice, 
-basic rules of board game,
-take turns

Best of all, she learns to enjoy board game!

Pardon the poor quality of the photo. My handphone camera just could not take good photo in dim lighting.

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