Saturday, December 15, 2012

All We want for Christmas is... simple wish or is it really so?

Dear Santa,

I have been struggling whether I should pen this down. I am writing this to you not that I believe in you. My family and I have a wish. A very simple one. I wonder whether it could be fulfilled. Christmas is a joyful event. We hope not to spent in sadness. We simply hope my mother regains her health.

Last Sunday, our mom had a fall in the bathroom and bled on her head. She was admitted and had not been discharged as yet. The doctors examined her and luckily there wasn't any fracture bones. However,conclude she has Vitamin B12 deficiency and enlarged rectum. They could not confirm anything else unless she does the endoscope. Our mom is unwilling to do it. My siblings and I are worried for the worst but we kept telling ourselves probably there is nothing wrong with mom. She looks less tired now in hospital. Her appetite is good. Blood pressure returns to borderline normal. Now, the conclusion is to move her to the rehabilitation center before we employ a maid. We do not know what causes the Vitamin B12 deficiency and the enlarged rectum. Not sure whether they will develop into something life threatening. We just hope that she will recover well and is happy.

Could you please grant me this wish?

Sweet Day

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