Thursday, September 18, 2014

A glimpse at Ballet Class

Little One loves ballet and hence I signed her up for a library programme.
Pardon for the poor picture quality. They are taken by my handphone.
Sit in a circle

Start with some stretching.. feet together!

Bring your knees toward your face and point your toes
 The following proofs difficult for kids. I can only see 3 out of 10 doing the right thing.
Stretch out your legs as far as possible and reach forward. Straight legs, please!  

Stretch your back this way

Plies- 1st position. Your back has to be straight

Getting ready to move across the room in twos.

Kick your leg as high as possible and as straight as possible. Pointing your toes out.

Towards the end, Little One stomped her legs as if she was a giant. Epic fail!
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