Thursday, January 15, 2015

Project Jurong - Exploring the neighbourhood Part I

The new year had just started. I am still in the midst of coping with everything that is going on in my life. Still, I manage to find time participating in library programmes.

I am now attending : JRL Live! - TRANS. It is a photography project to capture memories of Jurong , both the modern (past) and the old (which would take place this Saturday). After which, we would be doing ink transfer and kite bunting this coming Sunday for an exhibition in July. I would be attending the workshop alone and Little One would be taken care of by her father.

In the first session of the programme, we learnt some techniques from our instructor, Mr Ray Chua, how to take good photos with our cameras or handphones. This time round, I learnt not to use the intelligent mode of the camera and tried to use my own 'skills' for nice photos. We took some photos during the session and were encourage to go around Jurong for more photo shooting.

I returned with Little One to visit Jurong Regional Library to return books. I found some time snapping around the place. I did not venture far with Little One around. We stayed around the library, the shopping malls , bus interchange and MRT station for the shooting.

Below photos are taken by me, all unedited except the watermark. What do you think of them ? I am using a compact camera.

J Gateway which is still under construction

Chinese decoration spotted in Westgate Shopping Mall

Westgate Food Court - assortment of lines and patterns

Jurong East MRT station. Love the architecture and the blue sky 

Bicycles along the link way to J Cube Shopping mall

JTC Summit,Big Box and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital 

Jurong Regional Library

Jurong Regional Library

Jurong East Temporary Bus interchange

Structure at Gateway

Genting Hotel- The first hotel in Jurong
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