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Little One @ Imaginarium: Over the Ocean, Under the Sea

Children's Season is here again! Since the school holiday is approaching, why not consider bringing your child here.

 Imaginarium: Over the Ocean, Under the Sea

14 May - 28 Aug 2016

Ever since 2012, we have been going to Singapore Arts Museum @8Q around this time of the year to visit their art installations. Their installations especially those on Level 1, never fail to amaze me. We paid a short visit on its opening and definitely will be coming back again. Sharing the 3 installations we love best!

Dimana Mogus? (Where is Mogus?), Level 1 by MULYANA
Mixed media installation with yarn, cotton, felt, synthetic fur, vulcanised copper wire and dacron filling

Here , you are suppose to find Mogus. One of the octopus 'floating' around in this sea.

This installation happens to be my personal favorite too. I love its vibrant colours. You can sit on the gigantic whale cushions or even jump on them. You may touch the fishes above your head but please be gentle on the corals and the octopus which are hanging around.  I was most awed by the corals! These were crocheted painstakingly and they looked real! The octopus are also crocheted but I feel more drawn towards the corals. I love its matching colours and its close imitation to nature.

Children loves this room because of its colourful sights and the interaction available.
A place full of fun
This school of fish looked like a submarine to me but a ship to Little One.

Crocheted corals

Colourful, aren't they?

(Left) On a corner of the room, lies are bed of dead coral and a dead octopus. Did you see them? Probably, the message is to remind us to take care of our ecosystem, otherwise, they may simply die and get wiped out.

In this dark room, there is a giant luminous PVC ball, ADA, with protruding spikes all around its body. This creature is supposed to be one of the bioluminescence animal of the deep. Before you enter, the staff warns about the charcoal studs on its body. If you are not afraid of getting dirty, this is the place for you. You can move ADA across the room and tries to draw the ceiling, wall and floor using the charcoal studs but soon you will realise you cannot fully control it as effectively as a pencil or marker. These charcoal lines are only apparent when the giant sphere moves near them. It sheds light on them. This reminds us the consequences of visitor interaction and similarly, our relationship with the sea.

Little One spends the longest time here chasing after ADA and trying to draw something using her. She ended up with black hands and a strip across her forehead. 

Suara Muara (The Sounds of the Estuary), Level 4 by PAPERMOON PUPPET THEATRE 
In this room, it appeals more to your sense of hearing, check out the earphones. Below is one of my favorite too! It gives me a mixed feeling. The moving cloth simulates the moving sea. It give a peaceful feeling. The people on the sea seemed to be enjoying themselves. However, I also spotted half body people hanging from the skeletal ships which gives me creeps.

There are actually more to be offered by the rest of the art installations by various artists. Mainly the value behind the theme of the installation is the fragility of the ocean and how how interaction with it will in turn affect us. Besides these, there is also short film screening room and craft area , both located at Level 2.

Having interactive art installation allows children to see more clearly how they could affect the surroundings and at the same time, we take this as a very good opportunity to educate our children the relationship between the sea and us and on how we can learn to protect our environment.

Singapore Arts Museum @ 8Q
Mondays to Sundays | 10am to 7pm (Last admission at 6:15pm)
Fridays | 10am to 9pm

Visitors can also enjoy free entry to SAM every Friday from 6pm to 9pm and on Open House days.


Adults                                                              $10
Students & Senior Citizens aged 60 & above  $5
Children under six                                           Free
Citizens/Permanent Residents                         Free

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