Sunday, October 21, 2012

5 signs that you are adapting to working life

After working for 3 weeks, I feel I am more and more accustomed to working life. Below are some of the points :-

1) Kept dialing '9' for external line
I need to call vendors every now and then for delivery and quotation. Probably out of habit, I have been trying to dial "9" before I call anybody on my house phone.

2) Always pressing "Alt", "Ctrl" and "delete" at the same time to log the computer
Again, I am too used to log off my computer when I am away from my desk, I tried to do the same when I am using my home PC. Instead of getting the login screen, I get the "Window Task Manager".

3) Walk faster
When I was a SAHM, I was used to do things leisurely, priority is always given to the little one. The rest of the things could wait. We used to take our own sweet time to go to school and back again. Even when I was running errands, I could afford to choose slowly the items I want to buy and was frequently comparing prices.

Nowadays, due to the long working hours during weekdays. I find myself rushing little one to school and dashing off to work thereafter. Marketing and running errands were left for only Sunday. Usually they will last 3 days and my hubby will have to do another round of marketing mid week. After work, I will have to dash yet again to fetch my daughter. Within 3 weeks, I find myself walking faster and faster to the extent that once my colleagues were taken by surprised that I could be back so soon when I was out to deliver a mail 470m away from my office.

4) Getting more and more focus and organised
I also start to realise, I am getting more and more focus on my job and starting to organise everything. As the days goes by, I start to understand what my boss wants (He's such a busy man that I rarely able to talk to him during office hours) and deliver things exactly the way he wants them to be.

5) Able to multi-task
Initially, I felt swamped by all the work. Recently, I find that I am able to type and listen to the phone calls while manning the front desk counter.

Probably it is a good sign that I am not getting rusty. How's your work week?

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