Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Her first haircut without parents by her side

Both me and my hubby decided to go for a $10 haircut at QB house. After watching us doing it, my little girl said she wanted to have her hair cut too. Though her hair was not very long, we decided to go ahead since it was a month ago that I had cut her hair. We were being told that we were not to accompany her while she had her hair cut. It was the company's rule. We were a little worried. We did see primary school children having their hair cut here but it seemed that she was the youngest customer there. The hairdresser said that we did not pay for the ticket at that point of time just in case little one decided to back out. We could allow her to cut little one's hair and see how's her response. So, we decided to give it a try.

Waiting excitedly for her turn. We have to tell her repeatedly to return to her Q.
Cutting in progress
Cutting in progress... seemed fine all the while.

Cutting completed... dusting
Aww... love her expression!
Again... her expression...
Wiping the hair off her face...
We were glad that little one sat still throughout the whole process and we were very pleased with the service. Little one is very happy too! And hey! Little one is a step closer to independence!

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