Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A little romantic cafe...Pocket full of Posies

Tucked in a little corner of NUH,  we discovered this wonderful place - Pocket Full of Posies (Greenhouse Cafe and Florist). Well, I did not really take note of this cafe initially. I was busy visiting my mom in the hospital  I had always rush out of the Kent Ridge Station and zoomed past Mr Bean and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. If I am hungry, I would just dashed into Mr Bean to buy a snack or two. Occasionally, I was too tired, I went for a coffee break at Coffee Bean. Never did I see this little cafe.

One of my daily hospital visit, I got tired of the food at Kopitiam and these 2 'beany' outlets, I decided to explore around. NUH had changed so much since the last time I visited which was donkey years ago. I remembered, it used to have Bangawan Solo and a small  book shop. I felt like going for a visit again but I couldn't find them. Instead, I found this cafe is tucked in an isolated corner just behind The Coffee bean and Tea Leaf. Feeling down worrying about my mother's health, the ambiance lifted my soul. In the cafe, there were 2 tables with swings as seats. I was very excited, this was very much the same concept of the cafe which I saw in TVB drama. (Oh well, I am a TVB fan) So, you can imagine my excitement but at the same time. However, I did not tried out that first time because my hubby didn't want to. Oh... well... :(

My very shy brother turning away from the camera
Finally, the night before when my mother is to be transferred to the rehabilitation centre, I walked with my brother to this cafe. After much persuasion, he decided to eat here with me. Yippee!!! Well, the cafe wasn't that crowded. It was never did but the tables with the swings were always full. That night we were lucky. There was only one group of people occupying the swings. The other table was empty. And to our surprise, the food is relatively cheap. I was very happy. It wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be. My food review is that the food is passable but not much choice though. We spent only about $20 for a sandwich, a spaghetti dish and a cup of coffee.


 As this shop is also a florist, you find loads of gifts and flowers in a corner of the shop.

So, you can imagine a happy me sitting on the swinging, swinging around and tucking my food in...oh... I was acting like a kid.

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