Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Enrichment for Childcare Centre? To opt or not to opt?

Little one was promoted to N2 this year. After receiving a book list from the childcare, we received yet another letter for enrichment course. Fortunately, it is not compulsory. Being just started work only a couple of months ago and that having to spend quite a sum of money employing a new maid for our mother, I can say that I am financially drained once again. Hence, never really wanted to send my kid for the enrichment courses although the courses are conducted by good schools, such as Julia Gabriel, which I am very much interested in.

However, upon attending the teacher conference session, I couldn't help feeling a little stressed up when I heard a couple of the parents wanted to send their kids to the enrichment course. I can't help but feel if I were not to sign little one up, will she lose out in the end?

After returning to home and discussing with hubby, in the end, we decided not to send because we believe in she would excel better this way. Since the enrichment course will be conducted during normal childcare lesson time, we find that it is better for her to be reinforced the same school lesson over and over again until she remembers rather than to send her different courses and risk having her not remembering anything at all.

We have made our decision and decided to go against the flow. I guess there is no right or wrong answer at this point of time. She is still so young! So long the child is enjoying her childhood, that is what matters most!

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