Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rehab, Home for new year and Part time maid

This is a late post but Yeah! My mom will be  is home for Chinese New Year! I guess this is very important for her. I guess typically elderly will not want to spend their new year in hospital. Regarding why my mom was admitted, you can read here.

My mom has been home for half a month in my brother's care. Now that he returns to work, I take over before the maid arrives.

Happenings prior to home coming- at the rehabilation centre
Did I mentioned my mom was in the rehabilitation centre prior to coming home? Talking about it, I am still angry. It was a bad experience dealing with a particular social worker there. Whilst we understand and respect the hospital policy that no patient is to stay there for more than a month if he/ she is not critically ill and is substantial enough to take care of herself if she has a care taker at home. We have problems looking for relatives or neighbours to take care of my mom while she is at home. We (the 3 of us) have no choice but to take leave to take care of her. My sister has only 7 annual leave, even taking leave on Saturday is considered as one day leave and I just started work so my leave was all prorated. What was worst was that my brother was due for reservist! So that will mean my mom would be totally alone certain days. We were told the maid will be here early February, provided she passed the medical examinations. We will all very lost, what if the maid is not able to arrive. We talked to the social worker and request her help to write a letter to NS that he would like to defer. The reply we get was surely we could get someone to take care of her when we are not available. (Hello! If we can get someone to take care of her, we would not need to take   our precious leave, isn't it?) Then she also said, don't play play with NS, there were 3 of you, surely the sisters could take care of my mom when my brother goes NS. (fuming mad!) Come on lah... what if the my sis or I falls sick? That would mean one of us would have to take unpaid leave should that happened because our combined leave are already not enough! If my brother is exempted from the reservist, it will be best ,at least, we are sure there is some one to take care of my mom should my sister and I could not make it. 

Life is so unpredictable. The social worker fell sick and the other social worker took over her job was so much more helpful. We got the letter and my brother was exempted from reservist to take care of my mom. 

Part time maid
So now I am part time maid, helping out around the house.

As for my mother's health, it is not that good. Her feet will swell when she walked too long. This photo was taken a few days ago. Now the swelling is almost gone. She refuses to go to the hospital for check up. Sigh!
Probably we would get her compression stocking. Can't really think of what else to do now. Hope everything is gonna be alright in the coming new year!


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