Sunday, February 10, 2013

Little house of dreams

I had been wanting to go to this little bakery for tea. Look at their facebook page. With such tempting desserts, wouldn't you wanna give it a try? ~wink~

When I first pass by during lunch time, the shop seemed empty, no one was dining in. I am pretty shy. If I see not much people in the cafe, I probably will not step in. However, on several occasions, I see it prettily decorated as if there was soon to be a function there. Strange place it seem not much of a crowd and I never pick up my courage to enter the shop. Until one day, I brought my little fellow along and she saw the fake rainbow cake on the display window. Below is not the exact display we saw. It was only 1 slice of the cake.
Credit: Little House of Dreams
What wonderful colours, so tempting to be eaten. My little one fell in love with it and wanted to eat it. So in we go, together with my hubby.

However, their rainbow cake was sold out :( We were rather disappointed. (It was after dinner when we went into the cafe) The homely person who served us probably is the owner kindly suggested to have cupcakes instead. My girl was delighted with the idea. We chose the red velvet cake but it was sold out too. However they do have mini red velvet cupcakes.

Mini cupcakes put a smile on her face. :)
Well, the cupcakes are not overly sweet. If you do not want your kid to indulge too much, probably the mini cupcake is a good choice. You can ask your kid to share with you. My hubby and I get to eat the other piece of cupcake. :)

My handphone camera did not do justice to these display! They looked so pretty! These are specially made for the Chinese New Year. To get a clearer pictures, view their Facebook page
Exterior of the cafe
Little House of Dreams also conducts baking workshop and custom cakes for Weddings, Birthday and Events. Need a private function such as special birthday tea party for children? May consider coming back to Little House of Dreams. :)

Little House of Dreams is located at
6 Eu Tong Sen Street ,
The Central
Singapore 058817

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