Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Star Vista, here we go again!

We had visited Star Vista for the nth time because it is the closest shopping centre to my home. Usually, we visit during the weekends to dine.

Star Vista ( Nightview)
One day we went for breakfast, as Ah Kun was quite crowded, we dropped by the nearest bakery at the same level, i-Bake.

Outside i Bake
Little one wants her bread and a whole basket of it.

Her choice of bread, one whole basket and she finished all!

Basically most sandwiches are served this way
Ginger lemongrass tea with a cute tea bag

Cute little thing , guess what?
Verdict: Will probably come back again for tea especially the ginger lemongrass because it is so cute and refreshing! The bread, I find so so, probably can get cheaper version else where.

Next we hop to Pinocchio, an Italian gelato chain. We did not try the gelato as my girl was coughing. However, she loves this display outside the shop and keep climbing on it for photo taking. heheh... 
We have decided to come back for gelato the next time when she recovers however, the shop is now closed for good.
playing with Pinocchio
Then another day mid Jan, the CYN decorations were up. The furniture were from Scan Teck. The water fountain area were used to display the furniture. A few weeks later, the furniture were removed.

Really cute dollies
Have been dying to eat at Porn's because it was run by Thai host, Pornsak. However, when we visited, we find that the service is not up to standard even the crowd was not there. The food was a little disappointment. I was expecting something better. Hmmm.... maybe my standard was too high. I thought having a Thai running the business the food will be something that is really Thai. I haven't been to Thailand I can't comment much. Can someone who have been to Thailand comment on this if you have tried Porn's? In my opinion, I still prefer Thai Express.

Interior decor

Green Chicken Curry 
Olive Fried Rice 

Sticky rice with durian

Thai Beef Noodle Soup

Err...Can't remember what is this?

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