Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How we fight the Haze during Haze Daze

Singapore is not unfamiliar with haze because the sky of the little red dot would be overcast with bad air at least once a year. Actually, in the past, I was not aware of haze looming across the sky until 2013, It was also the year the PSI hit the hazardous level of 401. This year, MOE announced that primary and secondary schools to be closed due to the worsening haze. This is done so for the first time. 

This year the haze seemed last longer than usual, probably due to El Nino. The monsoon rain is expected to be later this year too. The haze affects southern Thailand and Vietnam and most parts of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Probably, also Cambodia and Cebu in the Philippines.

How do we fight the haze?

The haze contains tiny pollutants particles which are harmful for health. The irritants may cause eye irritation, eye inflammation (or Conjunctivitis),nasal irritation, throat irritation, lung tissue inflammation. So, how do we combat against it?

Limit outdoor activities 

As a parent, naturally, we are worried about the health of Little One. We bought the Air+ Smart Mask but ventilator is out of stock. We tried letting Little One wearing the mask without the ventilator but she did not like it.  So, we limit outdoors activity except going to school or when necessary. We closed up doors and windows when the PSI reaches unhealthy level. Once PSI reaches very healthy level, we would hide in the aircon room. 

When the weather seemed fine to go outdoor, we prepare a mask for each of us in the bag just in case the PSI increases suddenly.

Limit intake of fried food and junks

We cut down on fried food with not much problem. The problem I faced is junk food. Many a times, Little One received goodie bags with these food. I can't blame entirely on the goodie bags, I am a potato chip fan. So we consume potato chips at times. We are trying to cut these down.

Food Remedy

  • Eat a huge variety of fruits and vegetables. Vegetables are the most important part of any meal that you take in. They provide your body with the necessary fibres and nutrients that increase your child’s immune system. Fruits are rich in vitamins and should always be part of the meal as they help fight illnesses and strengthen the body. You may want to see the list of food listed here to combat the haze.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Cook or consume more watery food, eg, porridge, soupy noodles and soup
  • Use western and eastern remedies to relieve haze symptoms and to nourish the body to fight the haze. Below are tried and tested remedy.
    • Chrysanthemum tea 
    • I usually infused a handful of chrysanthemum buds, sometimes, adding one or two piece of ginger to balance the cooling effect of chrysanthemum. I made this drink for my family whenever the haze worsen. or when we need to spend a long period of time outdoor. This tea can be infused again and again until there is no more taste.  I did infusion for Little One to bring to school too but I did that only once. This drink is good for detoxification of the liver. 
    • Dessert such as Barley and Green Bean Soup - such dessert once a week 
      As I had made Barley Rice for lunch, I did not use barley for dessert. I made Red and Green Bean soup with tapioca balls. You can also mixed  barley and lotus seeds with green bean for dessert.

      As desserts is sweet, so we consume once a week. On other days, I would prefer making green bean or barley porridge instead. No sugar is required when I made those. Green bean detoxifies, helps to clear the respiratory system, and remove heatiness. Barley is diuretic and hence help expel toxins. It nourishes the spleen too.
    • Honey Lemon (This works really well  to remove phlegm)  The acidity of the lemon juice breaks up the mucus. Adding a tablespoon of honey to the mixture soothes your throat.
    • Chinese Watercress soup - Traditional Chinese Medicine states that this vegetable helps dissolves yellowish phlegm due to heat condition of the lungs (source: A Tradition Of Soup by Teresa. M. Chen). Watercress is also diuretic, clearing facial blemishes and improves night vision.
    • Winter melon soup - winter melon detoxifies, clears out mucus and phlegm and promotes digestion

  • Including green bean or barley or both to our porridge, sometimes, even rice.

I was making barley rice and a hard boiled egg with my rice cooker. 

Other remedies 

1. Liquorice root – This ingredient can be boiled together with honeysuckle flower so as to reduce heatiness.
2. Watermelon juice – Reduces heatiness from the body.
3.Chinese pear with lean pork and almond soup – Nourishes the lungs.
4. White fungus – Boil this ingredient with chinese almond and gingko nuts. It nourishes the lungs.
5. Raw-liquorice – Make a tea for lung infections by boiling the ingredient in warm water.
6. Snakegourd fruit – This ingredient dissolves phlegm, and can be eaten alone, or boiled as soup.
7. Lily bulbs with snow fungus– Make the drink by first boiling the snow fungus for two hours, and then adding lily bulbs and rock sugar. This drink clears heatiness and nourishes the lungs.
8. Include oily fish (salmon, mackerel and sardines), in your meal. Oily fish have omega-3 fatty acids, which are an extremely healthy type of fat and can prevent cardiovascular disease.

There I have shared tips on our we fight haze. I hope you find these tips useful too.

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